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Tips for choosing glasses for kids

March 3, 2016

For infants or small children, plastic frames with bands around the head are available for a safe and secure fit. Plastic frames are a better choice for children because they are more durable, less likely to be broken, lighter in weight and less expensive. The size of the frames must fit your ...

Eye examination in children younger than 5 years

March 3, 2016

Eye Testing in an Infant Babies should be able to see almost as good as adults in terms of focusing ability, color vision and depth perception by 6 months of age. To assess whether your baby's eyes are developing normally, the doctor typically will use the following tests: "Fixate and follow" testing ...

How do I know if my child has any eye problem

March 3, 2016

Your toddler may not be old enough to read the eye chart, but that shouldn’t stop you from getting his eyes checked. It’s important to get your child a baseline eye evaluation from an eye-care professional early in life even as early as two months. This is especially true if ...

Preparation to visit an eye doctor

March 3, 2016

When scheduling an eye exam for your child, choose a time when he or she usually is alert and happy. Specifics of how eye exams are conducted depend on your child's age, but generally the exams will include a case history, vision testing, determination of whether eyeglasses are needed, testing of ...

Cataract – what, why, when

March 3, 2016

Most people have at least heard of a cataract, and nearly everyone would know someone who has got a cataract surgery done. It is, after all, the commonest eye surgery to be performed and one of the most frequent surgeries in general. We are living in an age of information ...