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About Us

With 2 locations already operational Eye Solutions hopes to be able to provide world class eye care to more people

Total Patients

We are filled with gratitude at the trust that has been shown to us. Trusting someone to perform an eye surgery or eye examination is a hugh show of trust.

New Patients

We have seen the highest number of new patients this year inspite of the pandemic.  It shows our more and more patients trust us.


Apart from Cataract Surgeries which comprise about 80% of all our surgeries, we also perform squint, corneal, retinal, oculoplasty surgeries. Lasik is also a very common surgery we perform.


We at Eye Solutions want to continue to provide high quality care with a service attitude to more people. We are sure we will do so slowly and steadily.

What We Do

We are a chain of eye hospitals

Eye Examinations

This can range from a routine eye exam or an exam done for a complaint like blurred vision and headaches
More about eye consultations

Cataract Surgery

By far the commonest surgery we perform at Eye Solutions is cataract. We do perform other eye surgeries too.
More about cataract surgery


Lasik gets rid of your glasses and with newer and newer technologies this procedure is becoming more popular.
More about Lasik eye surgery

Diabetic Eye Surgeries

Diabetes causes irreversible blindness.  One of the treatments are surgeries for detached retinas.  
More about diabetic eye surgery

Who we are

Eye Solutions began in 2008 and have since then grown to 3 locations.  We are one of the few dedicated, comprehensive eye hospitals in Mumbai, diagnosing and treating the entire spectrum of conditions of the eye – including complex problems such as diabetic retinopathy, retinal detachments, macular degeneration, glaucoma, cataracts, uveitis, strabismus and pediatric eye disorders. Dedicated to the protection, preservation and restoration of vision we provide treatment for children, who have a world to discover and explore, and for adults, who desire to live independently and with dignity at any age. Our patients come first and we respect the trust you place in us each day, offering you the very best through our singular vision of excellence in healthcare.

Respecting your time

Respecting your time is essential.  We try and see patients by appointment and have systems to help reduce the waiting time.
Our digital medical records help with reducing time spent writing prescriptions.  We also end up saving all your records with us forever.  These medical records can be pulled up whenever and whichever location of our hosptals you visit.

International Patients

Over the years we have treated innemerable patients from different countries.  Our patients come from all over the world including USA, Canada and UK.  We have been fortunate to operate even on 3 month old babies who have come for specialized eye surgeries from the middle eastern countries.  Read more about our international patient services.

Service Attitude

We do our job with a service attitude.  We believe we exist because of you.  Reducing your time spent at the clinic, keeping the place spic and span and making sure you have a great experience even though you come to us because of you have an eye problem are somethings that we do conciously.  You will notice when you read our reviews that people always thank our staff for their support during their consults or surgeries.

Join Our Team

Eye Solutions is looking to partner with like minded Ophthalmologists.  If you would like to consider and understand what we do please write to [email protected].

Are you a doctor hoping to start an optical shop in your practice

Eye Solutions will be able to help you open an optical store within your premsies.  
Please write to 
[email protected] 
for more information