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Debunking Common Myths related to LASIK Eye Surgery

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Author : Dr Deepak Garg
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LASIK surgery is the most common laser eye procedure performed in ophthalmology due to its unique ability to free individuals from glasses. With the advent of the latest technology supported by evidence-based procedures and aftercare, the results of LASIK surgery have significantly increased over the past few years. Additionally, advancements in the technology used to map corneal topography have improved the accuracy and success rate of LASIK.

Here are some debunked myths about LASIK:

  1. Myth: LASIK is Painful

Fact: LASIK is a painless procedure. Numbing eye drops are used during the procedure to ensure patients’ comfort. Postoperatively, discomfort is minimal, and any sensation is usually temporary. Certain eye drops are prescribed to alleviate a patient’s symptoms.

  1. Myth: LASIK is Only for Severe Vision Problems

Fact: LASIK can address a wide range of refractive errors, including nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The procedure is customizable, making it suitable for various prescription strengths.

  1. Myth: LASIK Results Are Temporary

Fact: LASIK provides long-lasting results. The corneal reshaping performed during the procedure is permanent, and a vast majority of patients experience stable vision for years after the surgery.

  1. Myth: LASIK is Risky

Fact: LASIK procedure has been USFDA approved for a long period now and it is a safe and commonly performed procedure. While all surgeries carry some theoretical risks, serious complications are rare. Thorough preoperative evaluations help identify suitable candidates, minimize potential risks, and ensure a shorter recovery period.

  1. Myth: LASIK is Only for Young People

Fact: LASIK can be effective for a wide age range, provided the candidate’s eyes are otherwise healthy. In general, a patient’s decision to undergo LASIK may depend on the amount of their lifetime they will be free from glasses. Suppose a 20 year old undergoes LASIK, they will get approximately 20-21 years of glass free vision whereas a 35 year old may get just 5-6 years. Medically, there is no contraindication to get it done at a later stage of life.

  1. Myth: LASIK is Not Affordable

Fact: While LASIK has an upfront cost, it can be cost-effective in the long run compared to the ongoing expenses of glasses and contact lenses. At Eye Solutions, we offer EMI options as well to pay for your LASIK surgery.

  1. Myth: LASIK is Not for People with Dry Eyes

Fact: Dry Eyes is one of the contraindications; however, a mild form of dryness can be managed pre and even post LASIK surgery. Additionally, advances in LASIK technology help improve the procedure and manage potential issues related to dry eyes.

  1. Myth: LASIK is a Lengthy Recovery Process

Fact: Recovery will depend on the type of LASIK procedure one undergoes; however, with the latest techniques, recovery from LASIK is typically quick. Most patients experience improved vision within a day or two, and normal activities can often be resumed within 2 days after the procedure. The eye drops, however, have to be continued over a month’s period.

  1. Myth: LASIK is Outdated Technology

Fact: LASIK technology continues to advance. Modern LASIK procedures use sophisticated laser technology for precise corneal reshaping, enhancing safety, and improving outcomes. The latest advancements include a machine that detects certain eye errors which can’t be detected in the clinic and then appropriately guides the surgeon to reshape the cornea, neutralizing these errors and providing clear vision.

  1. Myth: Anyone Can Get LASIK

Fact: LASIK is not suitable for everyone. Individual factors, such as eye health, prescription stability, and overall health, play a role in determining candidacy. Thorough preoperative evaluations are essential to ensure the best results.

Dispelling these myths through educational content can help potential LASIK patients make informed decisions about the procedure and feel more confident about its safety and effectiveness.

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