Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

Cataract Surgery In Mumbai

The most common surgery performed at Eye Solutions is cataract surgery in Mumbai.   Its also known as the Motibindu operation in Hindi.  Our team of cataract surgeons at our many locations are some of the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai.  For this reason, we are considered one of the best cataract surgery hospitals in Mumbai.  Cataract surgery is also known as ‘Phacoemulsification’ or ‘Phaco surgery’.  Interestingly, some of the more common questions our patients ask us are ‘ How much time will the cataract surgery take’ and ‘ is the cataract surgery painful’.  More on that later.

It may be of value to you to read some other information about cataracts and what happens at a cataract consultation if you don’t already know.  If you want to specifically know about more cataract surgery in Mumbai read on.

What happens in Phaco Surgery ?

A cataract, as you know is the whitening of the natural lens of the eye.  This lens is responsible for us being able to see far and near in our younger days.  In cataract surgery, cataract surgeons remove the natural lens from the eye and replace it with an artificial lens.  There are a few ways one can remove the lens from the eye.   Please read on to know more. There are many artificial lens options that your cataract surgeons can use for you.  Please read the article on the best cataract lens to understand more.

What are the various techniques of surgery and what is Phaco Surgery ?

The most common technique of (Motibindu operation) cataract surgery in Mumbai is ‘Phacoemulsification’ or ‘Phaco surgery’.  Here, an instrument enters the eye through a small incision in the peripheral cornea.  This instrument, known as the ‘Phaco Probe’, liquefies the hard cataract inside the eye. Your cataract surgeon then sucks out this material.  After this lens removal, the only part that remains is the capsule.  The capsule is the natural, outermost covering of the lens, like a bag filled with stuff.  Since all the stuff has been taken out, we now have an empty bag.  In fact, ophthalmologists do call this empty space that’s left behind the ‘bag’.

The next step is inserting the lens inside the eye.  Most lenses are foldable lenses. These foldale lenses can fold on themselves, so they can go inside the eye through a small incision.   Once inside the eye this lens unfolds and opens up inside the ‘bag’.

After this, the inside of the eye, which was full of some jelly that your cataract surgeon had used is also removed.

What are the types of cataract surgeries in Mumbai ?

Cataract surgeries (Motibindu operations) are usually performed by a technique known as ‘Phacoemulsification’, also known as ‘Phaco Surgery’.  A 2mm opening is made in the eye and using the ‘Phaco probe’, ultrasound energy liquefies the cataract within the eye and sucked out.  A foldable lens goes through that same small opening into the eye.

Recently, another technique has also become available known as ‘Femto cataract surgery.  Performing a cataract surgery by this technique has two stages.  In the first stage, the patient lies down and a laser makes an opening n the eye (vs a blade in traditional ‘Phacoemulsification’).  The same laser is also used to cut the cataract into smaller pieces.  In stage 2, the patient then moves to the operation theater. Then a similar procedure like the traditional phacoemulsification or phaco surgery takes place.

At the current stage of this technology, doctors are not offering a significant benefit to the patients.  The cost to the patient almost doubles and the postoperative results are the same irrespective of the technique used.  The procedure takes twice the amount of time and the patient has to move from one room (laser room) to another (operation theater).

What are the Dos and Donts after cataract surgery ?

The one thing that your cataract surgeon is anxious about after surgery (Motibindu operation), is infection. Thus, your cataract surgeon would prescribe eye drops and tell you to certain do and don’t’s after your cataract surgery.  These steps also help with the healing of the wound.

You can see a video explaining the precautions one must take after cataract surgery.  

When is the best time to get cataract surgery done in Mumbai ?

The answer to that is simple.  One can undergo cataract surgery (Motibindu operation) a time when they feel they are not enjoying their vision.  Now, enjoying the quality of vision is different for different people. So some may choose to get it done early and some may choose to get it done late.  Both the choices are correct and there is no right or wrong.

The fact remains that surgery is the only option to improve vision affected by cataracts.

The first thing to do would be to undergo a cataract consultation by your cataract surgeon. It would help you understand whether you have a cataract and what could be the next steps you could take.

If you would like to read more about the cataract problem in India read here.

Why is Eye Solutions the best cataract surgery hospital in Mumbai ?

Here are the reasons why you should choose us for your cataract surgery.

  1. Our Team consists of the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai
  2. We are not an individual practice but a group of specialists and thus are able to take care of any eye condition.
  3. We are present at many locations in Mumbai and this number is growing, thus making it easier for you to reach our facilities.
  4. Service-Oriented Hospital – We know that we are not only an eyecare organization but also one that offers delightful service to its patients.

Cost of Cataract Surgery in Mumbai

The cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai would depend on multiple factors.  We would suggest reading the cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

How much time does a Cataract Surgery take ?
Usually, cataract surgery takes less than 15 min per eye. Sometimes, when we implant a toric lens your cataract surgeon may take a few minutes more.

What are the various types of lenses one can get implanted in the eyes ?
There are quite a few lenses one can choose from and yes sometimes it can get a little confusing.

The choices are – Monofocal lenses, Toric lenses, Multifocal Lenses, Trifocal lenses or Extended depth of focus lenses.

Each lens has its own advantages.

One of the newer lenses is the Eyhance lens and you can read about that lens in the monofocal lens section.

Is Cataract Surgery painful ?
A cataract surgery is performed under topical anesthesia. What this means is that we use anesthesia in the form of drops. Yes only drops. There are no injections around the eye or elsewhere. The patient is awake and can hear us talk and can infact talk to us. 

Because we use only drops patients will feel that something is going on. Occasionally they may feel a heavy eye. But there is no real pain. As mentioned earlier the surgery takes so short a time that by the time the patients start getting restless they are through.

Read our blog article - " Is cataract Surgery Painful "
What is the cost of Cataract Surgery in Mumbai ?
This topic is fairly big and we have thus written a separate note on cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai.

One of the reaons we are the best cataract surgery hospital in Mumbai is that we are transparent with our charges.

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