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Multifocal Intraocular Lenses

More about cataract lenses

Multifocal IOL - Presbyopia correction lenses 

A Multifocal IOL  is a presbyopia-correcting lens. Trifocal lenses, too, are presbyopia-correcting lenses. These presbyopia-correcting lenses are one type of cataract lenses or Cataract IOLs that a patient can choose before cataract surgery. Here is the list of all types of IOLs. Presbyopia means needing to wear glasses for reading or looking at the phone, or looking at the menu at a restaurant. If one asked for multifocal lenses in India, these lenses would be the most expensive.  

Why must one consider presbyopia-correcting lenses?

When one has reading glasses, one may take steps to avoid the inconvenience of having to take reading glasses off frequently. A person might wear reading glasses around their neck, scatter multiple pairs around the house or wear bifocals all the time. Some even choose to wear the reading glasses over the nose and then look above them to see things far.

To get the greatest freedom from eyeglasses after cataract surgery, you might want to consider this presbyopia correction lens or multifocal intraocular lens IOLs. These lenses expand your range of glasses-free clear vision. 

What usually happens after cataract surgery?

In the past, the primary goal of cataract surgery was to restore a person’s vision for driving, watching TV, and other distance vision tasks. To see up close, a person would need to wear bifocals or reading glasses after cataract removal. Patients used reading glasses to correct the post-surgical presbyopia. 

Presbyopia means the need to wear glasses for reading. Progressive glasses provide clear vision for far and near without having to switch between removing and wearing your glasses.  
Today, priorities have changed, and people like to have clear vision for computers and reading without glasses. Such individuals choose these presbyopia correction lenses or Multifocal IOLs to correct vision far away, up close, and all distances in between.

Advantages of Multifocal IOLs or lenses

Unlike conventional “single vision” or Monofocal IOLs, these presbyopia correction lenses (Multifocal IOLs / Trifocal IOLs) are a type of cataract lens that helps patients see at varying distances. These lenses aim to provide functional vision at different distances to minimize glasses.

Although they might still prefer to wear glasses for prolonged reading, most patients experience freedom from glasses. They can perform tasks like driving, looking at cell phones, photos, price tags, product labels, and menus without needing glasses.

Please consult your doctor to know more and ensure that you are the right candidate for this type of lens.

What is the price of Multifocal IOLs in India?

If one were to ask their eye doctor for multifocal lenses in India, they would find that these are the more expensive lenses available. Here is an article on Cataract surgery prices in Mumbai.

At Eye Solutions, Mumbai, these presbyopia correction lenses range from Rs 70000 to 89000 per eye. These are all-inclusive packages and include all the charges. We also provide eye drops and protective glasses post-surgery.

There are, however, multiple options you can choose from if these are too expensive. Quite a few companies manufacture these lenses. E.g., Indian lenses would be cheaper packages than foreign lens packages.

Another lens type is called Extended Depth of Focus Lenses (EDOF). These may not be cheaper, but you could read about them. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

When should a person choose a Presbyopia correcting lens ?
A Multifocal IOL / Trifocal IOL is not used in a few situations.

1) These lenses tend to cause halos around the oncoming headlights. Thus if you drive a lot at night or in the evening we would not advise you to use this lens.

2) All patients who express interest in undergoing a multifocal IOL / Trifocal IOL surgery undergo an OCT scan. This is an investigation which checks the health of the retina. If there is any evidence of retinal disease we do not advise using this type of cataract lens. The reason is that when someone has a retinal disease the quality of vision with these types of cataract lens drops. Thus inspite of everything going well the patient may be unhappy.
What is a Trifocal IOL ?
A Trifocal IOL is a step up from a traditional multifocal IOL . It is another type of cataract lens. In todays times all of us are ususally doing some activity at one of three distances. Near, Far or Intermediate. Intermediate being computer working distance. Thus, individuals may be looking for clear vision at all three distances and some thus opt for this cataract lens.

One must remember that the situations where we dont prefer to use Multifocal IOL remain for the Trifocal lens too.
How do I know the best lens choice for me ?
There is never a best lens. All the lenses are good but yes some are better than some others. However, among the premium category choosing a lens is not straight forward. Patients would look at cost and benefits to finally reach a decision.

You can read this article on best cataract lens to learn more.
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