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Toric Lens for Astigmatism

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Best Lenses for Astigmatism - Toric Lens

In modern cataract surgery, spectacle freedom is becoming more and more critical. When someone has glasses with astigmatism and wants to become glass-free, they need the best lenses for astigmatism – Toric IOL (Intraocular lens) implanted in their eyes. When we tell this to patients, they want to know the Toric lens price in India. Because of a few varieties of toric lenses, the cost of toric lenses can vary, and more about that later.  

Toric IOLs or intraocular lenses are one type of IOL. Others being

  1. Monofocal IOL
  2. Multifocal IOL
  3. Trifocal IOL 

We achieve emmetropia ( no need to wear glasses ) for patients with myopic or hyperopic refractive errors by selecting the appropriate spherical lens power. Yet, 20% of patients who undergo cataract surgery have 1.25 diopters (D) of corneal astigmatism or more. It is these patients that need the toric lens. 


Astigmatism is a condition of refraction where the point focus of light cannot form upon the retina due to the abnormal shape of the cornea. In simple terms, it's a type of glass power. So, if you look at your prescription, it has something like this.
-2.50 DS / -1.50DC X 90
Then the second part of this prescription (-1.50 x 100) denotes astigmatism or cylindrical power.

Best Lenses for Astigmatism - Toric IOL

These lenses for astigmatism – Toric IOLs provide the opportunity to correct corneal astigmatism. They offer patients with pre-existing astigmatism optimal distance vision without spectacles. Furthermore, the recent introduction of multifocal toric IOLs offers patients with pre-existent corneal astigmatism the opportunity to be spectacle-free for distance vision and near and intermediate vision.
Toric IOLs can correct astigmatism because they have different powers in different lens meridians. They also have alignment markings on the peripheral part of the lens that enables the surgeon to adjust the orientation of the IOL inside the eye for optimal astigmatism correction.
The difference in cataract or phaco surgery between the toric lens and a regular monofocal or multifocal lens is that before cataract surgery, the surgeon places temporary markings on the patient's cornea that identify the location of the most curved meridian of the front of the eye. Then, when the toric IOL implant occurs during the cataract procedure, the surgeon rotates the IOL, so the markings on the IOL align with the markings on the cornea to ensure proper astigmatism correction.
Because of this customized technology available to patients, the toric lens price in India is higher than monofocal lenses.

Benefits of Toric IOL

  1. It gives patients glass-free vision for far despite having astigmatism or a cylindrical number.
  2. If we use toric multifocal lenses, patients get a glass-free vision for far and near.

More about Toric IOLs

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is the Toric Lens Price in India ?
Toric lenses are available by both Indian as well as foreign manufacturers. The Indian lenses are a little cheaper than the foreign lenses, and thus the total package cost of cataract surgery would be lesser for Indian lenses. As mentioned, toric lenses are available in both monofocal and multifocal platforms, and thus again, the cost varies depending on the selection of lens.

Toric lenses for cataract surgery can range from Rs 80000 to Rs 150000. These prices are not the lens cost alone but the total cost of cataract surgery with a toric lens. You can get the entire cataract package list on "cost of cataract surgery."

The most common toric monofocals used are priced are between Rs 65000 to 80000 per eye. These are all inclusive charges and include the eye drops and post surgery protective glasses and cup that patients would need after surgery.

Toric Multifocals and Toric Trifocals are also available and these cataract packages can range from Rs 100000 to 150000 depending on the type of toric Multifocal you have chosen.

You could read more about different cataract packages.
Does Cataract Surgery take more time with Toric Lens Implantation ?
The most critical steps of the surgery are the same irrespective of which lens is used in the eye. But, as mentioned, the surgeon has to place the lens in a particular axis only for the toric lens, and this extra step may add a few minutes to the procedure. Even surgery with a toric lens should not take more than 20 minutes.
Are the preop and postop instructions same for a Toric Lens Cataract Surgery ?
Yes. The pre and post op instructions are the same. You could see our preop instructions video and post op instructions video.
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