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Contact Lens Consultation in Mumbai

More about different types of Contact LensesContact Lens Consultation

Contact lens consultation

Contact lenses are a great alternative to wearing eyeglasses. Not all patients wear contact lenses as their primary source of vision correction. Each patient is different, with some patients wearing contact lenses only on weekends, special occasions or just for sports. That is the beauty of contact lens wear and the flexibility it gives to each patient and their lifestyle.

If you decide to wear a contact lens, the lenses must fit properly and comfortably and understand contact lens safety and hygiene. A contact lens exam will include a comprehensive eye exam to check your overall eye health, your glasses prescription, and a contact lens consultation and Assessment to determine the proper lens fit.

Importance of contact lens exam

Whether or not you have vision problems, it is essential to have your eyes checked regularly to ensure they are healthy and have no signs of a developing eye condition. A comprehensive eye exam will check the general health of your eyes and the quality of your vision. During this exam the eye we will determine your prescription for glasses. However, this prescription alone is not sufficient for contact lenses. We may also check for any eye health issues that could interfere with the comfort and success of contact lens wear.


The contact lens industry is constantly developing innovations to make contact lenses more comfortable, convenient and accessible. Therefore, one of the initial steps in a contact lens consultation is to discuss some lifestyle and health considerations that could impact the type of contacts that suit you best.

The options to consider are whether you prefer daily disposables, biweekly disposables or monthly disposable lenses. If you have any particular eye conditions, the optometrist/doctor might have specific recommendations for the right type or brand for your optimal comfort and vision needs.

Suppose you are over 40 and experience problems seeing small print, for which you need bifocals to see close objects. In that case, the optometrist/doctor may recommend multifocal lenses or a combination of multifocal and monovision lenses to correct your unique vision needs.

Contact lens fitting

One size does not fit all when it comes to contact lenses. We will need to take some measurements to fit your contact lenses properly. Contact lenses that do not fit properly could cause discomfort, blurry vision or even damage to the eye.

Contact lens trial and fitting

After deciding which pair of lenses could work best with your eyes, then we may have you try on a pair of lenses to confirm the fit and comfort before finalising and ordering your lenses. We will insert the lenses and keep them in for 15-20 minutes before the optometrist/doctor examines the fit, movement and tearing in your eye. If, after the fitting, the lenses appear to be a good fit, we will order the lenses for you. We will also provide care and hygiene instructions, including how to insert and remove your lenses, how long to wear them and how to store them if relevant.

Follow-up after contact lens fitting

We may request that you schedule a follow-up appointment to check that your contact lenses fit correctly and that your eyes are adjusting properly. If you are experiencing discomfort or dryness in your eyes, you should visit us as soon as possible. The optometrist/doctor may decide to try a different lens, a different lens disinfecting solution or try an adjustment in your wearing schedule.

Types of contact lenses

  1. Daily disposable Contact lenses
  2. Acuvue Oasys Contact lenses or 15-day disposable Contact Lenses
  3. Monthly disposable Contact lenses
  4. Multifocal Contact lenses
  5. Coloured Contact lenses

Frequently asked Questions?

What to expect during a contact lens appointment ?
You may be asked general questions about your lifestyle and preferences regarding contact lenses, such as whether you’re interested in options such as daily disposables or extended wear lenses. You might want to change your eye color with coloured contact lenses.

We provide patients with the best possible options suitable for your eyes and lifestyle.

Sometimes if we feel the patients eye is not suitable to wear contact lens, we may advise them not to wear contact lens. Once you have decided with the contact lenses you wish to wear, you will be given a contact lens trial.
Why is Contact Lens Trial important ?
Trial helps us to check behavior of the lens on your eye surface. It allows to check distance and near vision with lens. Most importantly you can wear the trial lenses for few days so that you are sure about how you feel with them.

All the first time users will be taught how to wear and remove the contact lenses and how to take care of them for long term health of the eyes.

We maintain details of our contact lens patients. You would get reminders before your lenses finish so that you are never without lenses once you start wearing lenses. We provide best contact lenses in mumbai. click to know the reasons why you should buy contact lenses from us!

Presbyopia (reading glasses at the age of 40) is no more a reason to wear glasses. Multifocal contact lenses are available just as progressive glasses through which you can see both for far and near. To know more about multifocal contact lens click here

There are various types of contact lenses available and feel free to call us if you have any queries.
What if I cannot remove the Contact Lenses when I reach home ?
During the contact lens trial we make you insert and remove the lens a few times and so it is unlikely that you wont be able to remove the lens at home on your own.

However, incase you cannot remove the lens, you should call he hospital and may have to visit the hospital where an optometrist or the eye doctor would remove the lens for you.
What is the cost of Trial Lenses and Contact Lens Trial Consultation ?
Many companies who sell contact lenses in mumbai provide free trial lenses and some charge a nominal charge that would range from Rs 150 – 500. The advantage of doing a contact lens trial is that you can test the lenses out before actually having to buy a box of lenses. You are charged on actuals.
What if I like the Contact Lenses and want to order a box ?
If after a few days you feel that the lenses are working for you and you would like to order a box of lenses all you have to do is call the hosptial and let them know. We may have your number with us in our stock or may have to order the lens from the company. If we have it in our stock you will get it right away. If however we have to order it from the company it would take three working days and you would get a call from the hospital once we receive the lenses.
What are the prices of Contact Lenses ?
There are various types of contact lenses. Monthly disposable, 15 days disposable and daily disposable contact lenses. Apart from that there are toric lenses and multifocal lenses and there are multiple companies that make these. Thus the prices of lenses vary greatly. Read in detail about contact lens prices in India.

We offer a minimum 10% discount on the MRP of lenses.
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