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Corneal Opacity Treatment

More about Cornea

Corneal Opacity

What is the Cornea ?

The cornea is the clear tissue at the front of the eye. It is that layer on which we wear our contact lenses.  The cornea is transparent like a piece of glass.  This allows the light to pass through it and reach the back of the eye.

What is Cornea Opacity ?

Corneal opacity refers to any opacity on the cornea. Opacities are scars on the cornea.  The most probable causes of these scars are some old infections and trauma to the eye. It may lead to reduced vision if the location is on the visual axis. Otherwise patient may not have visual problems.

Apart from causing blurry vision, these scars can also lead to a cosmetic blemish.

Treatment of Cornea Opacity

If the corneal scars are present in the superficial cornea some lasers may be able to remove these scars the clear the cornea.  However, if the scars are dense and present for most of the thickness of the cornea then a transplant may be needed.

If there is no visual potential in the eye, which means that even after the surgery the eye won't see very well, then sometimes we do what is known as corneal tattooing.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is the cost of corneal tatooing
This procedure takes about 30 min and we charge Rs 20000 for corneal tattooing.
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