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Dry Eye Clinic

Dry Eye has a variety of symptoms, however the most common is a gritty and dry feeling in the eye but it also can simply make contact lenses difficult to wear for a full day or intermittent blurred vision through contacts and glasses.

The more people utilize electronics, the more our eyes may be affected.

With new diagnostic testing, Me-check, we can determine the underlying cause of dry eye (Meibomian gland dysfunction, aqueous deficiency, or both) and treat each very specifically.

Our dry eye clinic is dedicated to finding the best solution for you. We begin with a thorough history and a computerized dry eye evaluation. These specific tests help determine the source and type of your dry eye. We then customize a treatment plan specifically for you.

Read about computer vision syndrome.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What are the causes of dry eyes?
Dry eyes can be caused by multiple reasons. Some of them are, age-related, hormonal imbalance, increased use of gadgets / computers, environment ( poor quality of air ) and some systemic conditions like Sjogrens Syndrome. Dry eyes can also be caused by some medications, one of them antidepressants. Corneal surface irregularity like corneal scars or conditions like keratoconus can also cause symptoms of dry eyes.

More common conditions like allergic conjunctivitis can cause dry eye symptoms.

These days one of more common causes of dry eyes is Meibomian Gland Dysfuntion. Meibomian glands are oil glands on the lid margin and are responsible for scereting a thin layer of oil on the tear film which prevents tear film evaporation. If there is a defficiency of this thin oil layer the tear film evaporates and again causes dry eyes.
Does screen time affects dry eyes?
When anyone uses the screen there is a tendency to reduce our blink rate. This happens unconciously but with reduced blink rate symptoms of dry eyes increase. So yes increased screen time does increase dry eyes.

Dry eyes due to screen usage is part of what is called as “Computer Vision Syndrome.” One must remember to conciously blink your eyes more frequently to reduce these symptoms.
Does vision get affected in dry eyes?
Yes, vision does get affected in dry eyes. Normally we see clearly when a clear film of tears is coating the front surface of the eye, the cornea. In dry eyes this tear film repeatedly breaks up and one gets dry patches on the cornea. Once dry patches form the vision does become blurry.
How do we treat dry eyes?
Eye drops are the first line of treatment for dry eyes. There are various kinds available and your doctor would be able to explain to you which is the best eye drop for you.

Some drops can be used for shorter period of times and some can be used for prolonged period of times.

There are also options available to block the outflow of tears from the eyes. These are called Punctal Plugs and they block the tubes that drain the tears away.

Ofcourse there are newer therapies avaiable to treat meibomian gland dysfunction. To put it simply its similar to heat therapy where the meibomian glands stimulated to secrete more oil and the treatment helps in removing the blocked glands.
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