LASIK - Getting Rid Of Your Glasses

LASIK is a procedure that we have all heard of. What this procedure does is that it gets rid of glasses that a person is wearing. LASIK does not really change the condition of the eye except getting rid of the glasses.  So let's say someone wears  -5 numbered glasses but cannot see very clearly because of some retinal problem, after LASIK the -5 will not have to be worn anymore however his vision will be the same as it was with the -5 glasses mainly because LASIK has not corrected the retinal problem.

What are the types of Lasik Procedures?

Eye Solutions offers 4 types of Lasik procedures.  These variations occur because of changing technology.  Let us try and break it down for you as simply as we can.

The first type is one in which a blade is used to cut the cornea to create a flap.  the bed of the cornea is then treated with a laser.  For the sake of this article let's call this laser ” Laser A”.  Post this treatment the flap of the cornea is placed back in its position.  A contact lens is then placed on the eye.
In the second type of procedure, the cornea flap is created by using a laser, let's say “Laser B”.  Then the bed of the cornea is treated with Laser A and the flap is placed back in its position.
In the third type, no flap is created in the cornea,  The epithelium of the cornea is scraped off and the cornea is treated with Laser A.  After the treatment, a contact lens is placed in the eye.  The difference between the first and third types is that apart from not creating a flap the patient has a lot of symptoms in the third type of LASIK.  The symptoms are watering, redness, pricking, and irritation.  These symptoms last for a week to 10 days.
The fourth type of Lasik is called the ” SMILE ” procedure.  This laser is made by Zeiss.  This is the video of how a smile procedure is done.   As you will see here too there is no flat created at all.  A spindle-shaped cornea is removed from within the thickness of the cornea.

When is the best time to do undergo Lasik Procedure?

Usually, this laser for number removal is done after the age of 19 or 20 years.  The idea is that we want the number to stabilize and only then perform the laser.

Will the eye number ever come back?

There is always a small chance that a small eye number comes back after performing LASIK.  The entire number that was treated does not come back but a small number may.

Also one must remember that at the age of 42 we will get reading glasses.  Of course one may get these reading glasses a few years earlier or later.  Lasik does not prevent that from happening.  Once someone undergoes LASIK, at 42 years of age they will have a challenge reading small print and would start having to wear glasses for the same.

What is the Post Lasik care for the eyes?

After the LASIK procedure, we prescribe a few eye drops.  These eye drops have to be used for periods ranging from 2 weeks to 6 months.  These drops help in healing and also help in preventing infections.

How do I choose a Lasik Center?

We have to remember to go to a center which has a clean environment. The LASIK machine is located in a cleanroom. This is because one of the complications of the LASIK procedure is an infection, which we want to avoid.

How much time does a Lasik take?

Usually, LASIK surgery takes about 10 minutes in total. The procedure itself will take around 2 minutes for both eyes.

When can I resume normal activities after Lasik?

Most likely you will be able to see clearly by the same evening of the procedure.  By the next day, you would be able to resume normal activity but will have to use drops and follow the protocols that your doctor has advised.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What is the cost of Lasik ?
The cost of the procedure depends upon the procedure that is chosen.

There are bascially 4 packages.

Please refer above for the types of lasik.

Types 1 and 3 we charge Rs 55000 for both eyes.

For type 2 we charge Rs 85000 for both eyes

For type 4 we charge Rs 125000 for both eyes.
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