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Cataract Consultation

Cataract Consultation

Most have at least heard of a cataract and almost everyone would know someone who has undergone a cataract surgery in Mumbai. It is the commonest eye surgery performed and one of the most frequent surgeries in general.  Since Eye Solutions has the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai, cataracts are the most common consultations and surgeries we do.  Most patients want to know if they have a cataract and what is the cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai.


A cataract consultation is a little more than a routine eye test. First, we note down the main difficulties or challenges that the person is facing in our records.

After the initial examination to see how much someone can see, we perform refraction. We want to know if changing the glasses can improve vision. Then the cataract specialist/surgeon will check your eyes and the degree of your cataract. Post that we measure your eye pressure. If the eye pressure increases then we get a condition called Glaucoma.

If all is fine till this time, certain drops in the eye dilate the pupils. This allows your cataract surgeon to examine the retina. The Retina examination is important because we need to look for conditions like diabetic eye disease and macular degeneration. 

After retinal examination, the next step is performing an A-scan.  This is a test done to calculate the lens power that we would implant in the eye. After this, the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai would discuss with their patients about which is the best lens for them. There are many choices and choosing the right one for you can be a little confusing. 

After this discussion, we tell you to get certain blood tests and schedule the date of the surgery. You can send the blood reports to us by email or WhatsApp. In the meantime, we will send the presurgery instructions to you by email or WhatsApp.


There has been a belief, especially in India, that a person should undergo cataract surgery only when the cataract is ‘ripe’. This belief originates from a long time ago. Many years ago, the technology available was able to treat cataracts only when cataracts became ripe or hard. The patients were suffering from poor vision and the doctors were keen on performing the surgery, but because the cataract was not hard no surgery took place.


 Today, technology allows us to operate on cataracts at any time. Today’s technology is far superior to the older days. Thus, the question we get is “Dr, when should I then undergo cataract surgery ?” or ” When is the right time to undergo cataract surgery ?”. 

The answer to these questions is simple. One can undergo cataract surgery at the time when they are unhappy with their vision. Some feel vision’s blurry at the slightest decrease in the quality and quantity of vision. Some, don’t feel that their vision’s blurred in spite of having more than a 25% decrease in their vision. One would get it earlier and one would get the surgery later and both are right in their decisions. 

Cataract surgery in Mumbai is usually performed earlier than say a village in India. The reason is that people here start feeling that their vision’s blurred much sooner. A farmer’s visual demands are different from an office going person in Mumbai.



The best cataract surgeons in Mumbai believe that having better quality and quantity of vision improves the quality of life.  Thus, if you feel that your vision is blurry or you are not seeing as well, then you should consider getting cataract surgery.

Here is a short video by Dr. Deepak Garg.  Eye Solutions is proud to have some of the best cataract surgeons in Mumbai.  The video talks about some things you may consider before deciding if you need to get cataract surgery.  


This brings us to the next question.  Which lens is the best lens to implant in your eyes?  Now, one must understand that there is nothing like the ‘best lens’.  There are different lenses available and each of these have their own advantages and disadvantages.   We also have a quiz that you can take which would help you in selecting the best lens for your eyes.  Please write to us at info@eyesolutions.in and we will send you the quiz.

Please go ahead and read more about Monofocal lenses, Toric Lenses, Multifocal lenses, and Extended depth of focus lenses.


The cost of the surgery would depend on the type of lens chosen.  At Eye Solutions, the cost ranges from 10000 / eye to Rs 125000 / eye.   This is an all-inclusive cost.

The cost of surgery varies so choosing the lens can be overwhelming sometimes.  The best cataract surgeons in Mumbai would have a long discussion with you about this. They would help you in choosing your lens that would fit your requirements and also your budget.  You could read details of the cost of cataract surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

A Cataract consultation would routinely take about 40-45 minutes.  As mentioned it includes a complete eye examination.

A cataract consultation is a detailed examination and costs you Rs 1500.  Additionally the A scan will cost Rs 1000.  If the A scan is not needed then one would not have to pay for that.

Most of the time, with todays technology, a cataract surgery takes less than 15 minutes.  We do not give any injections and most of the times dont use while performing the surgery

There are a few instrucitons we give our patients.  One has to take a headbath and come to hospital and use an eye drop the morning of surgery.  Patients must contine to take their routine medications except antidiabetics.

The postop period is very important when one undergoes cataract surgery.  The reason for this is we have to prevent any eye infecton.  Please watch this video to know in detail the postop instructions.

Today, cataract surgery is a 10 min procedure.  And because of the technology available it is very non traumatic.  Post surgery recovery is very fast.  Usually in a few days patients start feeling like they have not undergone a surgery at all.  We usually prescribe certain restrictions to our patients.  You can see the video here.  So the precautions that one has to take after surgery extend upto 10 days.  Yet, patients can travel 5-6 days after surgery as long as they follow our instructions. 

Usually cataract surgery is not an emergency. That does not mean that it cannot be an emergency. Sometimes when the lens has burst or in cases of eye injury, it could be an emergency. But most of the times it is not. 

A person undergoes cataract surgery to improve the vision both, quality and quantity. If someone undergoes a cataract surgery the vision improves. If someone chooses to postpone the cataract surgery vision remains blurry or of poor quality. Poor quality vision due to cataract would not improve with eye drops or some other treatment. Only surgery would improve vision. Also the cataract can progress leading to further deterioration in vision. 

Thus, a person choosing to not get his cataract surgery may continue to have poor vision. This may further deteriorate but most of the times no harm to the eyes because of this delay.

On paper, Yes you can undergo both eyes surgery together.  

One of the more important complications of performing cataract surgery are infections.  If one eye gets infected after surgery there is a chance of loosing that eye and vision completely.  

To reduce this risk ophthlamologists the world over operate one eye at a time.  But there are many who practice ” Bilateral Simulteneous Cataract Surgery”.  Here both eye surgeries occur on the same day but each eye surgery is like its a new patient. Thus we take the necessary precautions.

We too have performed bilateral surgeries but in conditions where the patient was at a high risk. We have even done these for a child who could not undergo general anesthesia twice.

By and large we would like to perform the two surgeries on two different days with a gap of 2 days.

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