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Retinal Detachment

Retinal Detachment

Retinal detachments often develop in eyes with retinal holes or tears and these conditions would need retina hole treatment or Retina hole surgery.  Eye Solutions has one of the top 10 retina specialist in India if not one of the best Retina specialist in India.  

A myopic retina, weakened by a retinal hole or tear allows fluid to seep underneath the retina. This weakens the attachment and the retina becomes detached. Its like a wallpaper peeling off a damp wall. 

Symptoms of retina detachment. What you should know ?

Many a time a retina detachment may be asymptomatic yet some may notice multiple black spots in their field of vision. Some may also complaint of sparks or light streaks in their field of vision.   A few have sudden total loss of vision or a curtain like thing coming in front of their vision.
Such symptoms may be one of the first signs of retinal detachment.  People having such symptoms should get an immediate dilated retinal exam done.  Retinal detachment is an ophthalmic emergency. One would need surgery or laser as soon as possible.  This is essential for preserving vision and maintaining the shape of the eye. You can read more about it here.
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Picture of the retina and optic nerve. The optic nerve head is the cnetral whitish yellowish circle. If you notice carefully. the top part of the picture appears different from the bottom half of the picture. The bottom half looks like its elevated or lifted up. This part of the retina is detached.

What happens when you have a retinal detachment ?

If you have the above mentioned symptoms you are at a risk of complete and permanent loss of eyesight in that eye. As mentioned you must see a retina specialist and Eye solutions has the one of the best retina specialists in India.  The retina specialist would dilate your pupils and examine your retina. 
More often the retina specialist would find a hole in the retina which has led to the detachment.  Your doctor would then tell you to get retina hole treatment.

Do all retina detahcments require surgery ? What is retina hole treatment ?

No, not all.  If you are lucky enough you may have a retinal hole without complete detachemnt.  Your doctor might suggest you to undergo retina hole treatment with a laser.  One would need to get this done on an immediate basis.  This retina hole treatment would take anywhere between 10-20 min. It would depend on the number of holes or weak spots in the retina.    This is an OPD procedure and requires no special preperations. 

What if the doctor advises surgery / Retina hole treatment ?

If the retina detachment has affected the central retina or a signicant part of the retina, then retina hole treatment with laser may not be enough.  Here an early surgery is a must and this is an ophthalmic emergency.  We, at Eye Soltions, can perform the surgery the same or the next day since we have one of the top 10 retina specialist in India.

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