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Eye-care and Treatment Videos


Videos are a great medium of education. Here you will find videos on multiple topics which would help you understand about different eye conditions and how you can take care of your eyes.


Here's how to choose your Best Cataract Lens

Choosing a lens before your cataract surgery can be a little confusing. There are just so many lens options available. Heres a video breaking down the various types of lenses and how you can choose the best lens for you.

9 step process for a seamless cataract surgery

Our unique 9 step process for your cataract surgeries. This animation further simplifies the steps and helps you understand the different steps before and after surgery.

Precautions after Cataract surgery

While cataract surgery takes less than 15 minutes the post surgery care will last for more than a week. Its critical that you follow al the instructions. This video helps our patients during their post surgery period.

Performing an A-Scan before cataract surgery

These days when we perform cataract surgery we implant a lens in the eye. These lenses afford you glass free vsion after cataract surgery. An A-Scan is done to accurately calculate the lens power.
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5 reasons why you may consider getting a cataract surgery

"When should I get my cataract surgery?" Since cataract surgery is not an emergency you can choose to get it done at anytime. Here are 5 reasons when you may consider getting it done.
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Yag Laser done after cataract surgery

The eye heals itself after cataract surgery. One thing that this healing may lead to is something called posterior capsular opacification or PCO. A yag laser helps in removing this white layer that forms behind the lens. Watch this interesting video to see the laser removing the white layer behind the lens.

Pediatric Ophthalmology

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Orthoptek therapy - one of the two new modalities of lazy eye treatment

Lazy eye or Amblyopia was traditionally treated with patching. See the next lazy eye video to know more. Recently 2 new modalities of treatment have been added. Orthoptek is one of them and helps in treating lazy eye even in kids older than 8-9 years.
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Lazy eye/Amblyopia - How to treat

Lazy eye or Amblyopia is a condition when the eyes are normal but vision is not. For some reason the child cannot see clearly with one or both eyes. Traditionally treatment was patching of the good eye to improve the weaker eye.
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How would you know that your children may need glasses?

Increased screen times have to led what we call as increased near work. One of the risk factors for getting glasses is increased near work. Children may continue comfrotably while doing their school work and never know that they cant see clearly for far.
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How to choose glasses for your children?

Parents always ask us if they should keep anything in mind while buying glasses for their children. Watch this video to learn more.
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How to convince children to wear glasses

Parents always wonder if their children will wear glasses specially when they are really young. Watch this video to learn a few tips and tricks to get your kids to wear their glasses.
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Are Contact lenses safe in children

More and more teenagers want to wear contact lenses. Parents always wonder if its safe for our young children to start wearing lenses. See this video to know more.
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When should you schedule your childs eye exams?

The first exam at birth is usually done by your pediatrician. Subsequent exams are schedules at 2-3 years of age and at 5 years of age. Watch to learn more.
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Covid times - Increased screen times

Amost everyday during covid we would calls asking us about screen times. While covid has decreased, increased screen times continue to be an issue. Watch this video for some tips on how to manage the increased screen times.

Busting some Myths about our Eyes

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Busting some eyecare myths - 1

Are all babies born with blue eyes?
Do carrots help?
Do eye exercises or eye yoga help?
Can sun gazing cause blindness?
Can only boys be colour blind?
Do colour blind people see in black and white?
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Busting some eyecare myths - 2

Does sitting close to the TV damage eyes?
Reading in dim light harmful?
Screen time can harm your eyes?
Wearing eye glasses or contact lenses makes you dependant on them?
Sunglasses which are not UV protected are bad?
Can eyes be trasnplanted?
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Busting some eyecare myths - 3

Is losing vision a part of aging?
Using drops can cure dry eyes?
Eye exams are not necessary until you have eye problems?
Are there drops to stop eye power increase?

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Busting some eyecare myths - 4

What to do to reduce eye strain?
Do computer glasses reduce eye strain?
Does regular use of contact lenses increase number?
Is it ok to wear contact lenses while sleeping and swimming?


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Diabetes and your eyes

Diabetes is a problem everyone has heard off.  Because this disease does not cause obvious problems in the intial years people tend to take it lightly.  Read to find out how diabetes can actually make you blind.
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What is dilation of your eyes?

The structure of the eye can be divided into the front and the back.  There is something known as the iris which has a hole in the middle called the pupil. Dilation is a process of putting some drops in the eyes so the this pupil becomes larger.  Its like opening a window and allowing us to see the back part of the eye.


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Eye Donation - All You Need to Know

Eye donation is a very important thing which we must do.  Read more about how one can go about doing this.
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Difference between single vision and progressive vision lenses

Most of us will get glasses at some time or the other. Single vision and progressive lenses are types of eye lenses that we can choose to have for ourselves.
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Smoking and eyes

This short YouTube video discusses the harmful effects of smoking on the eyes. It explains how smoking can increase the risk of developing several eye conditions such as cataracts, age-related macular degeneration, and dry eye syndrome. The video also highlights the importance of quitting smoking to protect the eyes and maintain good eye health. Viewers are encouraged to seek medical advice and support to quit smoking and prevent further damage to their eyes.
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All about Conjunctivitis

Conjunctivitis, commonly known as pink eye, a common eye condition that can affect people of all ages. The video explains what conjunctivitis is, its causes, and the symptoms associated with the condition, such as redness, itchiness, and discharge. It also covers the different types of conjunctivitis, including viral, bacterial, and allergic conjunctivitis, and how they are diagnosed and treated. The video emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help and treatment options, such as eye drops and antibiotics, to manage the symptoms of conjunctivitis and prevent further complications.
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DCR - Dacryocystorhinostomy

Dacryocystorhinostomy (DCR) is a surgical procedure that is used to treat blocked tear ducts. The video explains what a blocked tear duct is, the symptoms associated with the condition, and how DCR can help to alleviate these symptoms. It also covers the different types of DCR procedures, including traditional and endoscopic DCR, and how they are performed. The video emphasizes the importance of seeking medical advice and treatment options if you suspect you have a blocked tear duct and how DCR can help to restore normal tear drainage and improve overall eye health.
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Causes of Dry Eyes

The video explains what dry eyes are, what causes them, and the symptoms associated with the condition, such as itching, burning, and redness. It also covers some of the risk factors for developing dry eyes, including age, medications, and certain medical conditions. The video emphasizes the importance of seeking professional help and treatment options, such as eye drops and lifestyle changes, to manage the symptoms of dry eyes and maintain good eye health.
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