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Many people who want to get eye check-ups in Mumbai wonder what will happen at these doctor visits. Would these eye tests be painful? How long will this eye test in Mumbai take?

They wonder what would the doctor check for when I am actually feeling fine. They ask themselves the question why do I even need an eye checkup in the first place?

If you are here to book an eye checkup in Mumbai please click book my appointment. We will call you back with a confirmation.

Why do you need an eye checkup?

You are probably used to getting a full body profile or complete blood work after the age of 40 years. This blood work gets done even when you are fine. You want to basically check if you have a problem that you don't know about yet. Correct?

The logic to get an eye checkup is somewhat similar. How do you know that you don't have an eye problem just because you are fine today. There are many eye conditions that will cause you eye problems much after they first appear in the eyes. The first two that come to mind are

Glaucoma and
Diabetic eye disease

Silent Eye Conditions that the Eye Doctor looks for 

As mentioned before, there are many eye conditions that could be present in your eyes.  Here is a short list

Change in your glasses

You might not even know that you have a small change in glasses.  This change may lead to some eye strain or mild headaches.  A change in your glass prescription could be the reason.  All it needs is a simple eye power check-up and a change of glasses.


This is a condition in which the eye pressure increases and this is a silent disease.  In the early stages, you will not know you have it unless you get a routine eye test in Mumbai.  Glaucoma treatment could be glaucoma eye drops or glaucoma laser surgery or glaucoma surgery.

Diabetic eye disease

This is another blinding eye disease that results because of diabetes.  The only way one would know they have diabetic retinopathy is by getting a routine eye test.


You may be having mild vision difficulties or see glare at night while driving.  One might even feel that the room light are dim while others at home feel that there is enough light.  These may be early signs of a cataract.  Not getting a cataract surgery early, may not harm your eyes.  But, don't you think you should be aware of what you have and that it is treatable if you so desire?  You could read more or also watch a video on how to decide when to get your cataract surgery.  The video is all the way at the bottom of the page.

Blood pressure and eyesight

Can blood pressure affect your eyes?  Well, the answer to that is yes.  It can affect the functioning of the optic nerve and of the retina.  Your eye doctor can detect these eye conditions early.  Based on your eye condition, one can take appropriate action.  Blood pressure can also cause floaters in the eye by causing bleeding in the eye.  One question we often get asked is ” Are blood pressure and eye pressure related? ”  Well the answer to that is no they are not directly related.  There are however certain indirect relationships.

Computer vision syndrome

We all are spending more and more time on screens.  This excess screen time leads to dryness and ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’.  You may feel tired or have itchy and burning eyes.  This too, is treated with eye drops or with certain other treatments done in our dry eye clinic.

In children too there are many eye conditions that can be detected before they cause some serious issues.

  1. Eye power
  2. Amblyopia
  3. Squint

Eye Check up Online

Can we get an online eye checkup is also commonly asked. As with most things technology is changing the old and ushering in the new. It probably would be true for eye check-ups too, but it appears we are not there yet. However, there are few things that can be done online and there are some online eye check-up charts that may help.

These eye charts are however useful for only a few eye conditions. These eye tests online are very good for specific conditions like macular degeneration. Speaking of eye tests online, there are a few apps available for both Android and iOS devices. Again, these tests do offer value but will not replace a routine eye test in Mumbai done by your eye doctor just yet.

Eye Check-up at Home

The covid situation has led to new developments. Usually, a detailed eye check-up is very dependent on eye check-up machines. Because of this dependence, eye exams are usually done at eye hospitals or eye check-up hospitals. And the reason for that is that these eye-testing machines cannot be easily moved. These could be bulky and heavy pieces of equipment, not to mention very expensive too.

These eye test machines include lenses to check your eye number. they also include some other fancy-sounding machines like a retinoscope, ophthalmoscope, slit lamp, indirect ophthalmoscope, and applanation tonometer. This is used to check your eye pressure. We only carry some of these for your eye test at home.

Since covid has started we have started eye tests at home for part of an eye checkup. It is obvious that we cannot match the quality or completeness of the test that we can do at an eye check-up hospital but we can check your eye power of glasses and contact lenses.

What Happens at an Eye Checkup?

When you visit an eye check-up clinic a complete eye exam is mainly divided into three parts. Before these 3 parts kick in one must register at the front desk.

Optometrist Eye Checkup

Optometrists at the eye check-up hospital will do your vision test. They will measure how much you can actually see. Vision is checked by using certain eye test charts. For older kids and adults these charts are Snellens charts. These eye test charts are different for adults and very young children. This is also known as the visual acuity test.

Normal vision is 6/6 vision. Here the measurement is in meters. In some Western countries, this is also called the 20/20 vision. Here the measurement is in feet. In some charts, the smallest line is a line that we are not expected to read. If you are able to read that line then your vision is better than normal. This is for distance vision. After this, the near vision charts help with checking near vision. Normal near vision is N6 near vision.

They will also check the eye power and find out if you should continue with the same eye power or make new glasses.

They also check if you need glasses for reading for those above 40-42 years of age. Needing glasses for reading after the age of 42 years of age is Presbyopia.

Not for all patients but for some we also do an eye test colour and make sure your colour vision is fine. Colour vision is the ability to differentiate between colors. There are few types of colour defeciences that one may have. These eye test with colors are able to detect mild to moderate to severe types of color defeciences. The name of chart is Ischiara Colour vision test.

First Eye Checkup by your Doctor

After that, your eye doctor will see you. They will look at the front part of your eye. They will check your eye pressure and also make sure you don't have a squint. The pressure is checked by either Applanation tonometry or the air puff tonometer. They will check if your pupils are functioning normally.

Sometimes your doctor will use the chart for the eye examination to check your vision again. This happens when the individual’s vision record is not in sync with his eye condition. After this, if a retina check-up is necessary then you will need dilating drops. Read more about these below on the page.

Sometimes patients want to try contact lenses or buy contact lenses. Your eye doctor along with your optometrists would make sure you get the correct brand of lenses with the correct power. More importantly, an optometrist would also teach you how to take care of your contact lenses.

If there is a change in your glass number your eye doctor may prescribe you the new prescription. Both for your glasses or contact lenses. Our optician helps with the glasses and makes sure you get the right pair of glasses.

Second Eye Checkup by your Eye Doctor

After your pupils dilate, the doctor will see you again and examine your retina, the optic nerve, and the vitreous cavity.

Checklist to carry with you for an Eye Test in Mumbai

Bring the following to each appointment –

  1. Any prescription eyewear that you may have, including contacts.
  2. Any prescription medication you may be taking (eye-related or otherwise).
  3. All your old reports if you have any

Frequently asked questions ?

How long will my eye checkup take at the hospital ?

Some eye check ups require more than just a visit to your ophthalmologist. We may require further tests to maintain a high level of patient care. Please be patient when visiting the hospital and routinely expect to spend some time with us.

However, one can safely say that you should be done in between 30-45 minutes.
When do I book any follow-up appointments ?
The ophthalmologist will let you know when you need to be seen again. All appointments should be booked before leaving the hospital at the reception. Otherwise, you can call to make an appointment.
If I miss an eye check up appointment, will I have to pay for it ?
No, there will be no charge for missed appointments. Please call ahead to cancel all appointments so we can accommodate other patients.
What do dilating drops do ?
The dilating drops dilate the pupils of the eye. The pupils are like the window to the eye and once they are dilated we can examine the inner part of the eye which is the vitreous cavity, retina and optic nerve. Once the pupils are dilated patients would experience blurry vision for the next 2-3 hours till the pupils return to normal size.

In children we instill different dilating drops. Children need eye drops to also confirm the eye number or the spectacle power. Though the effect of the dorps is the same, the blurriness lasts for 24 hours. This is expected so there is nothing to be alarmed about.
What is the cost of a routine eye check up ?
The cost of a routine eye examination can range from Rs 600 to Rs 1500 depending on the location and doctor that examines you.
How often should I do my routine eye check up ?
If you have no eye problems then once a year should be fine. Your eye doctor may call you more frequently if there are certain eye conditions or if children wear glasses.
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