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Eye Clinic in Mumbai - Churchgate

Eye Clinic in Mumbai


Looking for a best eye doctor in mumbai near Churchgate area? Well, there’s good news. Eye Solutions has opened its new branch in the area. At Eye Solutions, we take great pride in offering complete eye care to patients.

That’s right, our team of doctors and our state of the art equipment are equipped to deal with any kind of eye care treatment or surgery. The best part is, our extensive experience has made us realise that simply having expertise and the right equipment is not enough.

Our doctors employ an empathetic approach when dealing with patients. This allows us to provide our valued patients with comfort and their families with peace of mind, knowing the fact that the job of caring for their loved ones is in good hands.

Eye Solutions is one of the top eye clinic in Hospital that offers holistic care, providing treatments for all types of eye diseases and eye care needs. Some of the Eye treatments we offer include:


Ground Floor, Pankaj Mahal, 
15 JTS Malani Marg,
Churchgate, Mumbai 400020

Work hours

Mon-Sat: 10:00AM - 6.00PM

Our Top eye doctors at Churchgate

Dr Svetlana Toshniwal

Dr Svetlana Toshniwal

Cataract Specialist
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Dr Deepak Garg

Dr Deepak Garg

Cataract and Squint Specialist
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Dr Chinmay Nakhwa

Dr Chinmay Nakhwa

Medical and Surgical Retina Specialist
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