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Eye Clinic in Mumbai - Kemps Corner

Eye Clinic in Mumbai

Kemps Corner

Looking for a world class eye clinic in Mumbai? Eye Solutions is a holistic eye care clinic dedicated to providing unmatched care and service to patients. The Eye Solutions, Kemps Corner is one of our two branches housing eye specialists in Mumbai. Our clinic doesn’t just boast a team of seasoned opthalmologists, it is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools to bulletproof the success of the treatments we deliver.

Committed to providing a holistic and delightful eye care experience, our Eye doctors are experts at putting patients at ease and helping them understand all the aspects of their treatment. We understand that a doctor’s job goes beyond simply administering a treatment and do everything possible to make the treatment as easy as possible for our valued patients.

Eye Solutions is one of the top eye clinic in Mumbai that offers holistic care, providing treatments for all types of eye diseases and eye care needs. Some of the Eye treatments we offer include:


151 D, August Kranti Marg,  Kemps Corner,
Mumbai 400020

Work hours

Mon-Fri: 10:00AM - 6.00PM
Sat: 9AM - 4PM

Our Top doctors at Kemps Corner

Dr Deepak Garg

Dr Deepak Garg

Cataract and Squint Specialist
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Dr Chinmay Nakhwa

Dr Chinmay Nakhwa

Medical and Surgical Retina Specialist
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Dr Urmi Shah

Dr Urmi Shah

Medical Retina Specialist
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