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Eye Conditions and Diseases

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Conditions and Diseases

The eye is a very small organ. That being said it performs a very important function of sight. It is also a very complicated organ and has many parts to it. Thus, there are many eye conditions or diseases which can affect the eye and thus affect your vision.

The most common eye condition is cataract. Fortunately, cataract surgery is very advanced and patients do very well after cataract surgery. There are however, many other conditions, which significantly affect vision and the treatment outcomes of which may not be as favourable as cataract surgery. Diabetes is another cause of vision threatening eye conditions which need eye lasers, injections or surgeries.

Eye Solutions is able to tackle all eye conditions and diseases. This is possible because we have available state of the art equipment which is needed both to examine and treat the eyes.  Our focus is always to provide our patients with a one stop solution. We have partnered with Iksana Opticals to provide you spectacles with various lens options. We have also tied with laboratories and online pharmacies so that investigations that we order and medicines that we prescribe are offered to you by these organizations seamlessly.

Common conditions and diseases

The Complete List of Eye Conditions and Diseases

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