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What Are Glaucoma Tests And Its Costs In India?

Glaucoma or Kachbindu in Hindi is a disease where the internal pressure of the eye compresses and then damages the optic nerve. This damage to the optic nerve results in the peripheral field of vision getting hampered. We have all the investigative tools and expertise to provide the best glaucoma treatment in Mumbai.  Later we will also talk about glaucoma test costs in India and the best glaucoma specialist in India. 

There is no cure for glaucoma, but there are several non-invasive options that help control it. It is very important to get diagnosed as early as possible. While there are good treatment methods for glaucoma or kachbindu, nerve damage is irreversible.

What does a glaucoma consultation include?

Glaucoma consultation will include a complete eye test and special testing.  Apart from having the best glaucoma consultant, these tests will determine the best treatment plan for you. The tests will include all or some of the following :

  1. Vision test: Here your vision potential gets noted. This also gives us an initial sign of how severe the condition is.
  2. Slit-lamp bio-microscopic examination: Here we will examine the front part of the eye to see if there are any abnormalities in the structure of the eye. We can see if there is a cataract if there is any inflammation in the eye, any swelling in the eye. All these things will help zero in on the cause of the raised eye pressure.
  3. Applanation tonometry (Intraocular pressure): Here we use the Goldmans Applanation Tonometer to measure the eye pressure. Goldman’s is the most accurate of all the devices used for eye pressure measurement.
  4. Pachymetry (thickness of the cornea): here we check the thickness of the cornea. The cornea is the transparent structure over the black part of your eye. Measuring the thickness helps us measure the eye pressure with higher accuracy.
  5. Gonioscopy: This is the technique of viewing the drainage angle of the eye. We use a special lens and place it on the eye. This lens helps us view the drainage angle of 360 degrees around the eye.
  6. Optic nerve assessment: Here we examine the optic nerve of the eye using an ophthalmoscope. Viewing the optic nerve helps us see if the nerve has enlarged, any area of damage to the nerve and to compare both eyes.
  7. Visual fields: As glaucoma affects the visual field it is very important to get this evaluated. At eye solutions, we have the most advanced technology to measure that. We have a Humphrey Field Analyser which helps us detect with great accuracy any field defects.
  8. OCT Retinal nerve fiber layer: Glaucoma causes slow damage to the optic nerve by compressing and killing its nerve fibers. Using this test we can see at a microscopic level which areas of the nerve fiber in the eye are already damaged. At Eye Solutions, we use the Spectralis 3D OCT machine to perform this scan. It is a German-engineered machine that is the most advanced in the market.

Eye solutions offer attractive packages to glaucoma patients. This is because glaucoma patients require these glaucoma tests frequently and may turn out to be expensive if performed every few months.  The package includes pachymetry, visual fields, and OCT for both eyes. We offer a discount of 15% for a comprehensive package compared to getting each individually.

What is the follow-up for Glaucoma Patients?

We first identify whether you have glaucoma based on pressure, visual field, and optic nerve examination. If you have the condition we ask you to follow up every month for a pressure check-up. If at any visit the pressure is too high we can then alter the medications. We also need the OCT scan and visual field test to repeat every 4-6 months depending on how advanced the condition is.  Read more about Glaucoma test costs in India below.

Best Glaucoma Specialist in Mumbai

Eye Solutions is proud to have two of the best glaucoma specialists in India. 
Read about Dr Kartik Panikkar and Dr Rajul Parikh

How much time does a Glaucoma Consultation take ?
A glaucoma consultation is like a routine eye examination and barring the time needed for additional investigations it would take about 40-45 minutes.
How much time do an OCT and Pachymetry take ?
OCT and Pachymetry are two separate tests for glaucoma and would take a total of under 10 minutes to do.
How much time does a Visual Field Test take ?
A visual field testing may take 30-45 minutes depending on how comfortable the patient is doing the test. Sometimes it does take less time.
What is Glaucoma Test cost in India ?
A glaucoma consultation would come under a routine eye examination and would cost you the same which is Rs 1500. The investigations that you may need additionally would be separately charged.
What is the cost of all the investigations needed for Glaucoma ?
There are mainly three investigations which are additionally done apart from a routine eye examination. These are Pachymetry, Visual Fields and OCT. Thought the charges can change depending on when you are reading this the cost would be under Rs 5000 for all three.
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