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Oculoplasty eye conditions

Epilation of Eyelashes

Epilation of eyelashes means the removal of eyelashes using epilation forceps manually, or surgically. Eyelash removal is carried out under two kinds of eyelid conditions known as trichiasis and distichiasis, which are generally treated under medical supervision over a length of time.


The eyelashes grow backward and irritate the cornea of the eye. This condition leads to a foreign body sensation in the eye, which in turn causes severe symptoms of redness, pain, tearing, light sensitivity, and may lead to blindness. Removal of the eyelash generally mellows the problem, with the treatment of the corneal abrasion, scarring of the cornea, and infection.


Eyelashes grow at the back of the normal row of eyelashes seemingly forming the second row of eyelashes. This is a sporadically occurring rare congenital disease, which is a genetically inherited trait.  As these extra distichiasis follicles are situated at the back and nearer to the eye, there is irritation of the eye caused by rubbing which in turn causes matting of such hairs in the eye.

How is the epilation of eyelashes done?

Topical anesthesia is instilled in the eye. One by one irregular lashes is pulled from near the root by forceps.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

Is this procedure painful ?
Not really, Its like an ant bite and thats all that is felt.

What is the cost of the procedure ?
For an odd eyelash it forms part of a routine consultation. If there are many then there is a small additional charge for the procedrue.

Why is this procedure performed ?
Inward turning eyelashes rub against the cornea and cause eye irritation. Sometimes this is associated with redness and watering. In situations like these there is instant relief upon removing the wrongly directed eyelashes. Symptoms dissapear in as little as a few hours.
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