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Revital Vision is a vision training software program, clinically and scientifically proven to improve vision in amblyopia, eye diseases, and vision impairments

Who can benefit from Revital Vision

Do it at the comfort of your home
30 min on average for each training session
Customized to your pace and visual ability
Professionally monitered by your eye care specialist

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Pricing to suit different eye conditions


Read about various indications for RevitalVision:

Amblyopia / Lazy eye

Amblyopia is a condition in which one eye sees a blurred image, causing the brain to get highly distinct pictures from each eye that it is unable to combine.
When a part of the brain gets a blurred image, that part ignores the image. Loss of eyesight results as a result of the brain's visual system for that eye failing to grow normally.

The only treatment for ADULT AMBLYOPIA (Age 9+) that the FDA has authorized
When patching therapy is no longer successful, RevitalVision helps both children and adults.
Clinical research has shown that 20 hours of RevitalVision in adults may enhance eyesight to the same extent as 500 hours of patching in kids.
Improvements consist of:
1. Reading street signs and TV subtitles
2. Recognizing distant features and looking better at night
3. Improved stereo and binocular abilities.

How does it work?

It is possible to utilize remnants of brain plasticity at adult age and enhance the brain visual processing by effective repetitive stimulation of specific neurons in the primary visual cortex, long after the critical period.
Through the repetitive practice of precise visual tasks, the brain is trained to be more efficient in processing visual information.

Get rid of
Reading Glasses

It has been clinically demonstrated that RevitalVision helps persons with early presbyopia read without the use of glasses!

Improvements consist of:
1. Reading tiny print on a computer screen, newspaper, or menu
2. Reading is more comfortable in low-contrast or difficult environments, such as a restaurant's low lighting.

How does it work?

Reading glasses or bifocals are required due to the normal loss in near vision that comes with age, called Presbyopia.
The presbyopia therapy with RevitalVision helps the brain transform hazy pictures into clearer ones.
Reading smaller text is made possible by the increased processing capacity, which corrects for the hazy image caused by the refractive error.

Get rid of
Low Myopia

RevitalVision has been clinically shown to enhance low myopia patients' vision, reducing or even removing the need for glasses.
improvements consist of:

1. TV subtitles are readable.
2. Reading street signs and recognizing distant faces
3. Driving without glasses is possible if your VA improves.

How does it work?

Low myopia, commonly referred to as nearsightedness or short-sightedness, is a visual impairment brought on by the size and shape of the eye. 
People who are nearsighted can focus on nearby items effectively, while distant ones seem blurry. Myopia causes the picture to concentrate in front of the retina, which results in hazy vision.
When the following conditions exist:

1. The eyeball is too lengthy
2. The focusing lens is too powerful

Improve Vision

After LASIK surgery, RevitalVision has been clinically shown to enhance vision by eradicating fuzzy vision brought on by decreased contrast sensitivity, side effects, or slight refractive error.
Improvements consist of:
1. Read the tiny print on a computer screen, newspaper, or menu.
2. Reading is enhanced by dim lighting
3. At night, you can see more easily.

How does it work?

LASIK, also known as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction, is a popular procedure with a high success rate that enables patients to see clearly without the use of corrective lenses.
Even while the clinical results are generally satisfactory, some patients nevertheless have slighly blurry vision years after surgery because of decreased contrast sensitivity or a little refractive error comes back.
With RevitalVision, you may adjust the outcomes of LASIK and other refractive procedures at any point following the procedure. People who have visual regression, a decrease in contrast sensitivity, or adverse effects including blur, glare, halo, or starburst are strongly encouraged to use the program.
The program's objective is to enhance eyesight and lessen or completely remove the need for glasses.

Improve Vision

People who have impaired vision in retinal disorders, nystagmus, and more, can benefit from RevitalVision, according to clinical studies.
Even if there are no physical improvements or changes occurring as the condition progresses, RevitalVision teaches the brain how to better transform blurry pictures into clear ones. As a result, eyesight can get improved.
The following are enhancements:
1. Reading street signs and TV subtitles; recognizing faces from a distance; reducing glare; and improving night vision.
2. Safer nighttime driving and walking
3. Occasionally, being eligible for a driving license.

How does it work?

A visual impairment known as low vision is one that cannot be treated with ordinary eyeglasses, contact lenses, medication, or surgery. The capacity to carry out daily tasks is hampered by low vision.
Trauma or many eye conditions, including diabetes, cataract, glaucoma, AMD, nystagmus,retinitis pigmentosa, and more, can cause low vision.
Low vision rehabilitation is made possible through RevitalVision, which enhances eyesight naturally.

Improve Vision
Post Cataract

After cataract surgery, RevitalVision has been clinically shown to enhance hazy vision.
Following cataract surgery, those who have trouble adjusting may be able to do so quickly and effectively. Just one month after the program's initiation, significant eyesight improvement is anticipated.
Improvements consist of:
1. Among the enhancements are: reading tiny type, such as that seen on medicine packages or food components.
2. Improved visibility while driving, particularly at night
3. Less tiredness to the eyes when watching television
4. Typically increase contrast sensitivity by 150%
5. More rapid lens adaption to all the distance viewing

How does it work?

In many situations, the decline in contrast sensitivity that occurs following cataract surgery, which is fairly frequent, is the cause of the difficulty in seeing clearly after cataract surgery.
The inability to see clearly is also linked to the requirement for the brain to adapt to the new lenses and eyesight; this process of adaptation is referred to as neuro-adaptation.
Patients who use multifocal lenses, lenses with several focus points to accommodate various distance, find that their contrast sensitivity is reduced more frequently.

Sports Vision

Clinical studies have shown that RevitalVision may enhance normal 20/20 (6/6) vision to extra-fine vision.
Improvement consists of:
1. Among the improvements are the ability to see extremely small things at a distance and near contrast sensitivity that is at the very top of the usual range.
2. Read very tiny print
3. Accelerated visual processing

How does it work?

Did you know that in sports, roughly 80% of the sensory information is visual?
For an athlete, having good eyesight might be far more important than having extremely strong muscles or being able to run rapidly. A baseball player may be able to see clearly up to 12 meters away from what the ordinary person can see from a distance of six meters.
Elite athletes, military Special Forces, pilots, snipers, and aerial photograph analysts are a few examples of vocations that can benefit from using the RevitalVision sports vision training method to improve their visual performance.

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Frequently Asked Questions?

Will the lazy eye treatment work for me?
The treatment is suitable for people suffering from Amblyopia above 9 years old, with Visual Acuity between 20/30 to 20/100. (Bi-lateral amblyopia up to 20/200). There are no limitations on refraction condition.
What are the age limits for the program?
The program demands concentration, attention and discipline, which is challenging for children under the age of 9. There is no upper age limitation for success. Patients older than 80 have completed the program successfully with similar clinical outcome.
Will the presbyopia treatment work for me?
If your feel like you need or have recently started using reading glasses or bifocals, RevitalVision is for you.
Does the program involve surgery or medications?
No, RevitalVision does not require any surgery or prescriptive medication.
How long do the results last?
Just like learning to walk, riding a bicycle and learning to swim have long lasting effects, so does RevitalVision. You should note that while the improved neural-vision skill is long lasting, RevitalVision has no effect on the anatomy of your eye, nor on the progression of any eye disease.
Is it safe?
Yes, Prior to being released for commercial use, RevitalVision was researched and tested for over 20 years. There are no known risks, side effects or complications associated with the program.
What are the common eye problems treated at eye hospitals?
Eye Solutions can treat all types of eye condition in all age groups. The most common are
1. Cataract surgery
2. Squint Surgery
3. Patients trying out contact lenses
4. Exmaining and prescribing glasses to children
5. Prescribing myopia control lenses to children
6. Diabetic Eye disease treatments
Who are the best ophthalmologist in mumbai?
There are many good opthalmologists in Mumbai. Eye Solutions has the best who work together as a team.
1. Dr Deepak Garg - Cataract and squint specialist
2. Dr Urmi Shah - Cataract and Medical Retina
3. Dr Chinmay Nakhwa - Surgical Retina
4. Dr Rupali Sinha and Dr Akshay Nair - Oculoplasty Specialist
5. Dr Mousmi Patil - Cornea Specialist
6. Dr Kartik Panikkar - Glaucoma Specialist
Are there any eye clinics in Mumbai that offer free or low-cost treatment?
Eye Solutions offers packages for various treatments. These packages range from very cheap to afordable to premium. To help our patients we also offer a 3 month interest free EMI on all treatments costing greater than 45000 rupees.