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Adult Squints

Adult Squints

What is a squint?

A squint is when one eye wanders or turns, so that it does not work with the other eye. The eye may turn inwards or outwards, or more rarely upwards or downwards. The eye may turn all of the time or only sometimes, for example when tired or concentrating. The technical term for squint is strabismus


What causes a squint?

There are many causes for squints, and you should talk to your eye doctor about the cause in case.

Some of the most common causes are as follows:

Some people had a squint which was treated as a child but which has come back over time.

Some people have had a tendency to squint for a long time, which they have been able to control. Over time it may get more difficult to control the eyes so that a squint develops.

Some squints develop as the result of an accident or illness that has affected the muscles which move the eyes.


Why does a squint need to be treated?

Squints can be treated to improve the appearance of the eyes and/or to help double vision or eyestrain caused by the squint.


How are squints treated?

Eye exercises to improve the control of the eyes can help some squints. In some cases glasses may improve the squint.

In particular glasses for long-sight can correct some inward turning squints. Prism glasses can help to control double vision and eyestrain.

Surgery to change the position of the muscles which move the eyes can improve or correct some squints.




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