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A branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO) is a blockage of one of the small blood vessels that drains blood from the retina. The retina is the light-sensitive nerve tissue lining the back of the eye.

It is a common cause of sudden painless unilateral loss of vision. The severity of vision loss depends on the extent and location of the occlusion(s) and loss of blood flow.

The most common presentation is of unilateral, painless blurred vision, metamorphopsia (image distortion), a field defect (usually altitudinal). Peripheral occlusions may be asymptomatic. Vision depends on the degree of macular involvement or the central part of the retina.

BRVO is usually caused because of underlying systemic diseases like blood pressure or atherosclerotic diseases.

Management depends on the area and degree of occlusion.

  • The first thing is to identify the underlying cause and the patient should be under a physician to take care of his systemic health.
  • Treatment will depend upon the severity of vision loss and the condition of the central part of the retina which is the macula. Your doctor could advise you to get lasers done or even administer some injections like Avastin , Lucentis or Ozurdex. These treatments are mainly directed at reducing the macular edema.




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