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A stye is a bump that forms on or in the eyelid as the result of a blocked gland.

Causes of stye
Styes occur when a gland in or on the eyelid becomes blocked. This can occur if the gland’s opening is obstructed by a foreign substance , or if there is thickening of the substance produced by the gland, causing the material to flow sluggishly or not at all.

The symptoms of a sty are
• foreign body sensation (particularly with blinking),
• Pain in the area of the bump.

There may also be blur vision if thick sebum or pus from within the sty spreads over the eye’s surface.

Signs of a sty include
• presence of a bump or lump in the eyelid,
• redness,
• swelling, and
• puffy appearance of the eyelid.

An infected stye may resolve after appropriate treatment. Warm compresses will help soften the material in the gland, allowing the gland’s contents to drain naturally.

Anti biotic eye ointment is prescribed for local application.

Long standing, painless stye can be removed by surgery. It’s a short procedure and sometimes this is the only treatment option to get rid of the bump once the infection has subsided




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