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Symphony IOL

Symphony IOL

Traditional IOL solutions for treating presbyopia include Multifocals and Trifocals, which work on the principle of simultaneous vision by splitting light into multiple distinct foci, and Accommodative IOLs, which change in shape and power when the ciliary muscle contracts

Traditionally with these technologies, the correction of presbyopia is commonly thought of in terms of the distinct distance for which functional vision is provided

Symfony IOL is the first and only presbyopia-correcting extended range of vision IOL. It delivers a continuous full range of high quality vision with reduced incidence of halos and glare comparable to a multifocal IOL.

The Symfony lens, which treats presbyopia (age-related long-sightedness) is implanted into the eye during a normal cataract operation. In most cases recovery time is minimal, with patients able to return to their usual routine just 24 hours after surgery.

Unlike traditional multifocal lenses, there are no glares or halos with the Symfony lens, no reduction in contrast sensitivity, and it has a special defraction grating, making it similar to a traditional lens implant but with the added benefit of a reading prescription.

Previous multi-focal lenses which can correct near and far vision have produced halo bursts and glare and there is a notable jump when switching rather than the smooth focus of a natural eye.

Details of the lens technology (David Rose/The Telegraph)

The new implants have tiny circular grooves which change the way light is bent at various parts of the lens allowing for a seamless change when shifting focus.

The new lenses – called TECNIS Symfony Intraocular lenses – also allow more light to get through so that colours are more easy to distinguish.

Please consult your doctor to know more about the lenses and if you would be a right candidate for this lens.




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