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Cataract Consultation

Cataract Consultation

Most people have at least heard of a cataract, and nearly everyone would know someone who has got a cataract surgery done. It is, after all, the commonest eye surgery to be performed and one of the most frequent surgeries in general.

We are living in an age of information explosion, and there is more than enough material on the web and in print on the various types of cataracts, advances in cataract surgery, latest machines and newest lenses for implantation. So I thought to myself, what can I offer in this blog that would be different from all this ?

If we analyze the people undergoing a cataract surgery, there is a whole spectrum of people who are being operated upon. On one hand there are those who seem to have no complaints, have gone for a routine evaluation, and are told they have a cataract which needs to be operated . At the other end of the spectrum are those with a significant vision loss, however, unfortunately the vision loss was misdiagnosed to be due to a cataract, and surgery was performed even though the underlying issue was something else. And of course everyone else lies in between, including the large chunk of people who genuinely need the surgery.




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