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Cataract Surgery

Cataract Surgery

Today a cataract surgery is very different from what it was many years ago. Technology has now enabled ophthalmologists operate through very small openings in the eye. Today, we can perform the entire surgery with a 2 mm opening, as small as a pinhole.

This is possible because of a technique called phaco-emulsification in which ultrasound energy is used to liquefy the cataract and suck it out of the eye. Through the very small opening we can place an intra-ocular lens in the eye. One advantage of performing a cataract surgery today is that the patient almost gets rid of his glasses. Depending on the lens implanted only distance or both distance and near glasses can be gotten rid off.

A cataract surgery at Eye Solutions takes about 15-20 minutes per eye. One eye is done on the first day and we like to keep a gap of at least three days between the two eyes. The patient can go home an hour after surgery without a patch. Activities like watching television or working on the computer can start that very evening. We recommend that eye drops are used for a period of about 1 month after the surgery.

We offer a broad range of lenses at our hospital. Which lens to choose sometimes become a point of confusion for our patients – depending on the lens that is chosen the cost of the cataract surgery can vary greatly. Some of the types of lenses available are mono-focal lenses, Toric lenses and multi-focal lenses. These lenses can correct various types of eye powers which the patient may have before the cataract surgery. We will offer complete counseling on which lenses to select based on the specific needs of each patient, to reduce the confusion that often surrounds the decision. Here are some links to the premium lenses that we use in our practice.






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