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LASIK is a procedure that we have all heard of. What this procedure does is that it get rid of glasses that a person is wearing. LASIK does not really change the condition of the eye except getting rid of the glasses. So lets say someone wears a -5 pair of glasses but cannot see very clearly because of some retinal problem, after LASIK the -5 will not have to be worn anymore however his vision will be the same as it was with the -5 glasses mainly because LASIK has not corrected the retinal problem.

There are various types of LASIK today. There are a few in which a blade is used and some wherein a blade is not used. These variations exist because of changing technology in this particular field.

Most importantly we have to remember to go to a center which has a clean environment. The LASIK machine is located in a clean room. This is because one of the complications of the LASIK procedure is infection, which we want to avoid.

Usually LASIK surgery takes about 10 minutes in total. The procedure itself will take around 2 minutes for both the eyes. We usually advise our patients to use eye drops after the LASIK for a period of 1 month. One of those eye drops continues for a period of 6 months. You are expected to use one eye drop, 4 times a day, a day before surgery and then arrive on the day of surgery after taking a bath and not using any perfume. Usually you start seeing better that same evening or the next day. You could start going to work in a couple of days.




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