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Pterygium Surgery

Pterygium Surgery

A pterygium has to be surgically removed for both medical as well as cosmetic reasons. There is no other treatment to make this fleshy mass growing over the eye disappear.

After giving a local anesthesia the fleshy mass is removed scraping it from the corneal surface. Because the pterygium may recur two additional procedures are done. The first is application of a substance called Mitomycin C. This substance kills the regenerating cells and prevents recurrence. This substance should be used with caution. The second procedure which is done to prevent recurrence is called a conjunctival autograft. Here a small piece of conjunctiva is removed from another part of the same eye and placed and sutured or stuck to the affected area.

The eye is patched with ointment and the patch is removed after a few days. The patient may experience some itching and watering for a few days. Congestion may persist for upto a week to 10 days.




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