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Squint Surgery

Squint Surgery

The word “squint” is often misused. Often, even when someone simply squeezes their eyes to see clearly it is labeled as squint. Squint is actually a condition which describes a situation when both the eyes are not aligned. Usually one eye is straight and the other eye has deviated outwards or inwards, and sometimes upwards or downwards.

There are quite a few types of Squints which exist. Some appear at birth or soon after and some much later in life. Most case of Squint must be treated with surgery. Some, however can be corrected by glasses. For those cases of Squint that must be corrected surgically, an appointment for the operation should be done, usually sooner than later, so that the eyes become aligned and there is a chance that the patient – particularly if they are a child less than 5 years old – develops some binocular vision.

A little bit about squint surgery: we can perform these surgeries at any age and depending on the number of muscles we can take 15 minutes to 1 hour for the surgery. The eye(s) remain red for a few weeks and you are expected to use eye-drops for a period of 3 weeks after surgery. Overall these surgeries are very safe and there is almost no risk to the vision that the patient already has.




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