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Sac Syringing

Sac Syringing

What is Sac syringing?

It is a common procedure performed by an ophthalmologist wherein fluid (normal saline) is passed through one end of the tear drainage system, nasal end of the lower eyelid (lacrimal aaparatus) to see whether it emerges from the other end in throat. Thus we can easily assess if the tear drainage system is patent or blocked.

Why is sac syringing done?

When patient complains of excessive watering of the eyes, the doctor opts for sac syringing.

  • To check the tear drainage system (nasolacrimal duct) for any blockage also the site and nature of blockage.
  • To flush out debris from the tear drainage system. For example blockage due to any infection.
  • Sometimes it is done before cataract surgery to rule out dacryocystitis ( infection of nasolacrimal system)
  • To instill antibiotics in tear drainage system.




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