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What is squinting ?

A squint is when one eye wanders in a different direction as compared to the other eye.  The wandering eye could move up or down or more commonly on either side.  These can occur at any age and are usually seen in younger children.  That being said there are certain types that occur only in adults.

There are many types and you can read about the type that you are concerned about.   You will find pictures and also more detailed information about each type.  

Most are treated by surgery but there are types which are treated by exercises or glasses.  These surgeries can be performed at any age.  Your squint specialist will discuss with you when is the best time for you to undergo surgery.

Squint eye surgery cost ?

What is the cost of squint surgery is a common question we get asked.  Ofcourse the cost of squint surgery varies depending on the type and how many muscles we have to operate upon.  The cost would also depend upon the age of the patient.  If we operate on a child we would have to administer general anesthesia and that would increase the cost.  But for the sake of this text you can consider the squint eye surgery cost to range from Rs 50000 to Rs 125000.  

Your squint specialist will have to decide if one or both eyes need surgery and he will inform you before surgery.  Doing surgeries in both eyes is very common but finally it boils down to the type that one has.

What we basically do in the surgery is move the muscles of the eyes.  These muscles are reponsible for our eye movements.  By changing the postition of these muscles the position of the eye changes.  

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