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Squint Surgery in Adults

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Eye Solutions has a squint specialist in Mumbai and thus has a squint clinic where many patients undergo squint surgery in Mumbai and also from outside Mumbai.

What Is A Squint?

A squint is when one eye wanders or turns so that it does not work with the other eye. The eye may turn inwards or outwards, or more rarely upwards or downwards. The eye may turn all of the time or only sometimes, for example when tired or concentrating. The technical term for squint is strabismus.  If you look at the first picture above you notice that the left eye is turned completely outward.  This particular squint is known as Exotropia.  The picture on the right is after surgery.  The eyes look straight.  

What causes a Squint?

There are many causes for squints, and you should talk to your eye doctor about the cause in the case.

There are some theories that are postulated for the occurrence of squint.  Abnormalities in the position of the muscles, the strength of the muscles, and deformities of the muscles are known causes.  Squints can also occur because of local or brain injuries and even because of systemic problems like hypertension and hyper or hypothyroidism.  Squints can also occur in families though less commonly.

Why does a Squint need to be treated?

Squints can be treated to improve the appearance of the eyes and/or to help double vision or eyestrain caused by the squint.

HOW are squints treated?

Eye exercises to improve the control of the eyes can help some squints. In some cases, glasses may improve the squint.  In particular glasses for long-sight can correct some inward-turning squints. Prism glasses can help to control double vision and eyestrain.

However, most squints are treated by surgery.  What happens in a squint surgery is that the position of the muscles is altered.  These are those muscles that move the eyes in various directions. 

Frequently Asked Questions ?

What anesthesia is used for adult squint surgery ?
We perform adult squint surgeries under local anesthesia. Local anesthesia means we administer local anesthetics in the lower and upper eyelid, in the space around the globe, which numbs the eyes. The patient would be awake and hear us and even talk to us but feel no pain.
When can one resume work after a squint surgery ?
After a routine squint surgery the eyes remain red for a few weeks. We also expect these individuals to use certain eye drops for a few weeks and not to take a head bath for a few days.

However surgical patients can resume work a few days after surgery.
What is adjustable squint surgery ?
When we perform squint surgery in adults one option that we have is to do an adjustable squint surgery. As the name suggests, Adjustable squint surgery means when we perform the surgery and are reattaching the muscle to the eyeball we dont finalize the knots of the sutures but tie the knots like a shoelace. We can thus untie the knots very easily. The next day after surgery when we see the patient in the OPD we actually intie these knots and change the position of the muscle depending on the status of the squint.
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