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Taking eye make up off

how to take eye make up off

How to take eye make up off is a very commonly asked question. 

This is how we buy our eye make up- “Waterproof? Yaaay!”, ” Smudgeproof? Yaaay!”. Then we go to bed saying “But I washed my face thoroughly!” It’s no wonder that so many of us then wake up with irritable, red-rimmed eyes that water with the slightest breeze or fumes. 

However wonderful and exotic (read: expensive) our make up may be, we still need the pores of our eyelid glands to be able to breathe and freely release the moisturing and nourishing fluids that our eyes need to keep healthy. It just takes a tiny bit of preparation and only about 2 minutes of our bedtime ritual.

What you need:

  1. Eye make up remover
  2. Make up removal pads or cotton balls (if you have eye shadow/ foundation on)
  3. Cotton buds
  4. Mirror

What you do:

  1. Shake the eye make-up remover if biphasic; this means it has two liquids that look separate when the bottle is still. Look for the instruction on the bottle.
  2. If you are wearing eye shadow/ foundation then soak a make up pad in the remover and gently press over the CLOSED eyelid for about 10-15 seconds until the product breaks down. Then gently stroke along the natural lines of your eye- sweep from the crease of the eyelid to the tip of the lashes, from corner to corner along the eyelash roots. Dont scrub or rub, this will damage the delicate skin and eventually make it loose and saggy. Use separate pads for each eye.
  3. If you are wearing liner/ pencil/ kajal on your inner eyelid rim (waterline) then soak the tip of a cotton bud in the remover and use it along the waterline in the same motion you used to apply the product. Similarly you can remove mascara in the same rolling motion as you applied it. Use separate cotton buds for each eye.

All that’s left to do now is marvel at all the black stuff that comes off even after we thought we had washed it clean!

Do replace your products every 3-4 months, and throw away any product that is discoloured/ cracking/ smells funny/ feels too thick or thin on application

Never, ever share make up even with your bestie or your family members.

Here’s hoping your smile always reaches your eyes!

Dr Freya Rao

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