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Fundus Photography Eye Test


Fundus photography eye test involves capturing a photograph of the back of the eye i.e. fundus or the retina, all the retina blood vessels and the optic nerve. This is an eye test that is frequently used to document the retina condition.

A fundus eye test and retina pictures are not standalone investigations.  A fund photography is one of the ways to perform retinal imaging.  There are a few others too like OCT and Fundus fluorescein angiography.  

At the outset the patient has to undergo a general eye examination.  Here instruments like the slit lamp and applanation tonometer are used.  After dilating the pupil an indirect ophthalmoscope is also used by your eye doctor or retina specialist to examine your retina.

Fundus cameras that consist of a microscope attached to a flash enabled camera are used in fundus eye test. The main structures that can be visualized on a fundus photo are the central and peripheral retina, optic disc or optic nerve head and macula or posterior pole. Fundus photography can be performed with colored filters, or with specialized dyes including fluorescein and indocyanine green.

When is this fundus eye test advised ?

Fundus photography is used to inspect anomalies that affect the eyes and blood vessels of the retina and to monitor the progression of these diseases. It is vital for disease processes such as macular degeneration, retinal neoplasms, choroid disturbances and diabetic eye diesase and associalted macular edema. Additionally it aids in identifying glaucoma, multiple sclerosis, and other central nervous system abnormalities. 

It evaluates irregularities in the fundus and monitors the progression of a disease. This fundus eye test also informs both patients and eye doctors about the management and treatment outcome. They are crucial to create a starting point or baseline to better understand a disease’s progression. Fundus photographs may be useful if there is a new disease affecting the fundus and for the planning of additional treatment options. 

It is important that your eye doctor or retina specialist records these photos and others in an orderly fashion so that they are able to compare photographs of a patient from different timelines.

FFA or Fundus Fluorescein Angiography is a procedure whch comprises of injecting a dye, FLUORESCEIN, into one of your veins in the arm.  After this injection, fundus photos are taken of the dye’s passage within the inner structures of the eye – the retina and choroid. 

Frequently Asked Questions

For being able to take pictures of the retina we need to dilate the pupils and this process may take 15-20 mnutes.  This is done by the use of certain eye drops.

The actual photography take a few minutes per eye.

For fundus photography we charge Rs 750 for both eyes.

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