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OCT eye test is one of the imaging techniques used for examining the retina.  This machine uses cutting edge technology to scan the retina.  There are a few other techniques too, like fundus photography and FFA.  Fundus photography is nothing but taking a fundus picture or picture of the retina.  OCT test for eye is the most advanced out of these and is more widely used than the other two.  

Eye solutions has one of the best OCT test machines available in the world. It is known as spectralis and is by Heidelberg in Germany.  This machine works like a camera and does the OCT eye test in Mumbai.  ‘What is the cost of OCT eye test in Mumbai ?’  is one of the more common questions we get asked and more about that later.

OCT full form is Optical coherence tomography.  It is a non-invasive imaging technique or test that uses light waves to take cross-sectional images of your retina.  The retina is the light-sensitive tissue lining the back of the eye. It is quick, painless, safe and informative. This retina scanner is a sample into the future of patient care.  Eye diseases, mainly those of the retina are imaged using this technology


The retina OCT test for eye or macula OCT, measures each of the retina’s distinctive layers allowing your ophthalmologist to map the retina.  It also measures the retinal thickness.  

It is a revolutionary development in diagnosis and early detection of eye conditions such age-related macular degeneration, central serous retinopathy, epiretinal membranes, macular holes, macular edema, optic disc or optic nerve head abnormalities, and retinal inflammatory diseases.  In diabetic eye disease too the OCT eye test will be able to pick up edema or swelling in the retina.  All the above mentioned retinal diseases affect the central vision and are sight-threatening eye conditions.

The advantage of this machine is that it is able to rescan the retina at exactly the same place where the retina was scanned at the previous visit.  So, comparison of the same eye condition in a patient over time is very accurate in follow up exams and we can determine the level of success of our treatment.

For example, lets assume there is swelling in the retina due to diabetic retinopathy and your retina specialist has given the patient an eye injection to take care of the swelling.  Now, after the injection,  the patient comes back for a followup and the OCT test for eyes is repeated.  At this time we will know exactly how much the swelling has reduced because of that eye injection.  

Following picture is an example of a retinal OCT scan.  It shows a detailed image of the retina,  The first two eye exams show retinal edema but the third scan shows resolution of the edema and a successful outcome of our treatment.

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Here is an OCT test image showing swelling in the retina in the first two examinations and reduction in the swelling in the third exam after the eye injection. Incidentally this patient's retinal swelling increased again 2 months after this.


OCT glaucoma eye test measures the retinal nerve fiber layer thickness.  Glauomca means that the eye pressure has increased and the retinal nerve fibre layer is damaged when that happens.  The Retinal nerve fibres are, as the name suggests, the nerves of the retina.  These nerves are responsible for transferring information from the eye to the brain.  These retinal nerve fibres leave the retina from the optic disc and enter the optic nerve.  With this information one knows what they are seeing.  

In other words, if you were looking at a table, your eye do not know that its a table.  Your eye sees the table and then transfers that information to the brain and your brains knows that its a table.   Now, what happens in glaucoma is that the pressure in the eye increases.  This increased pressure can damage the nerve fibre layer.  One way to diagnose early glaucoma is to measure changes in the thickness of this nerve fibre layer.

Traditionally, the investigation used to diagnose glaucoma used to be the visual field test.  This test checks the peripheral vision of the individual.  Field test is still a very important test to be done for patients who have glaucoma.  Infact, fields are also done for glaucoma suspects and normal tension glaucomas.   However, the OCT glaucoma eye test will be able to pick up changes dues to glaucoma much earlier than the visual field test.  Now, Visual field is also known as the perimetry test.  Thus the OCT exam is also called the preperimetric glaucoma investigations.

You can read more about the OCT test for eye.

How is the OCT eye test done at Eye Solutions

Here is a video showing how the OCT eye test is done.  It takes only a few minutes and is completely painless.  As can be seen its like taking a picture and thus there is no risk to the patient.  We end up getting an accurate 3D image of the retina or the optic nerve.  This test is performed by an optometrist or an ophthalmologist.  

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This is the OCT eye test image of the retinal nerve fibre layer. It colour codes normal area as green.
OCT scan test in Mumbai, OCT scan test, OCT scan, Cost of OCT scan, OCT scan test cost in Mumbai
This is another image of the retinal nerve fibre layer. The red areas here show that there is damage to the nerve fibre layer due to glaucoma.

frequently asked questions

The test usually takes less than 10 minutes for both eyes.

Cost of OCT eye test in Mumbai is Rs 1250 per eye or Rs 2500 for both eyes.  If you have been advised to undergo this test by your eye specialist we would strongly urge you to consider getting it done because it is very important both in the short and long term.  

The OCT test price is very reasonable considering how advanced this technology is.  The OCT test machine too is relatively expensive piece of equipment.  This machine is allows very accurate followup of patients.  Many a time when frequent OCT tests are required your eye clinic would offer you discounts on the OCT eye test price.

This would depend on the condition of the eye.  For some conditions like retinal swelling due to ARMD we may repeat it every month.  However, if we are only observing a patient who has a high risk of developing glaucoma then we may repeat this test once a year.

Your retina specialist or glaucoma specialist would advise you when you should do the test again.

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