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We help successful business owners who are worried about their vision, achieve 20/20 vision for both far and reading in 3 days so that they can confidently carry on their business, enjoy their travels, lead independent lives and spend quality time with their grandchildren without worrying about a prolonged painful surgery, frequent change of glasses and glare at night while driving. 

Dr Deepak Garg

Medical Director

Patient safety protocol at Eye solutions
the best eye hospital in mumbai

common Disorders & Treatments

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Adult Cataract Surgery
Monthly Disposable Contact lens
Contact lenses
Pediatric Eye Test , Child Eye Test
Pediatric Eye Exam
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Dry Eyes/light sensitivity
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Squint Surgery
eye retina images
Diabetic Retinopathy

The entire process of undergoing cataract surgey at Eye solutions

team of eye specialists
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Reasons why you should choose us

why are we the best eye hospital in Mumbai, india

Service Oriented Organization

Yes, we are an eye care organiztion but we do believe that providing service is an important aspect of what we do.   Providing service is part of our culture.  We continuously train ourselves to become better at trying to give you an awesome experience while you are here and even beyond.

Ethical / Honest

We do the right thing and are proud of that.  We spend adequate time with patients trying to explain to them their condition and treatment options.

One Stop Shop

We are located in Mumbai India but have multiple locations.  Our locations vary in size.  Our first location at Kemps corner is the largest and is a complete eye hospital.  At kemps corner and Mazgaon we also have an optical shop which provides reasonable specacles with lenses as per the presciription that the patients bring or are given by us.  Other locations may only have an OPD setup and some may have Operation theaters.  Our ultimate aim is to continuously upgrade our locations to be able to provide more services.  


Currently we are at 3 locations and hope to grow slowly and steadily.  

Group of specialists

We are not an individual, or one doctor practice but a group of eye specialists.  The cataract speicalist takes care of cataract surgery in Mumbai and the squint specialist takes care of the individuals with squint.  Together we are able to take care of you, irespective of your age or eye condition.  We also have amogst us retina specialists, a cornea specialist and Glaucoma specialists.   Our group has some of the best eye specialists in the Mumbai.  Cataract specialists perform cataract surgeries and take care of conditions like dry eyes where as retina specialists take care of eye care related to diabetes.  Our doctors even perform routine eye check ups for patients who so desire.

State of the art equipment / Facility

Ophthalmology as a speciality is technology dependant.  We use state of the art equipment and facilities to be able to provide you with quality eyecare.  Our facilities are also spotless clean and we are proud of that.  These features make us leaders in eye care in Mumbai.

Features and benefits


We believe we are a service oriented organization and make sure people are well groomed and courteous and prompt


You will feel welcomed and looked after at the hospital and always leave satisfied with the team effort.

Uptodate with latest technology and instruments in the operation theater so that our eye surgeons can perform eye surgeries to the best of their abilities.  We are thus able to perform a cataract surgery in Mumbai with utmost precision.

You will see very well and recover rapidly after your cataract surgery.  You will see better the same day of cataract surgery if not the next.

Team of best eye specialists in Mumbai, each specialized in a different field of ophthalmology.  We have a Cataract specialists, Retina specialist, Glaucoma specialist, squint specialist, cornea specialist and an Oculoplasty specialist.

Your eye problem will be treated by an expert in that field or your eye will be operated by an expert which will lead to the best result possible and faster recovery.  Another benefit is there will always be a doctor at the hospital and you will be seen if you need to be seen.

Multiple locations and growing.  Currently we have 3 branches of Eye Solutions and thus play an important part in Mumbai eye care.

You could visit any location and your old records will be visible and the doctor will be up to date with your eye condition.  You don’t have to wait for your particular doctor to be back in town and you don’t have to travel long distances to see us.

We believe in using technology as much as we can

Your records are always with us and even if you lose your reports we can find them. You save 5 minutes which is usually the time you spent waiting for your reports. You save another 15 -20 min because we don’t make patients wait.

About Eye Solutions


The best eye specialists in the city of Mumbai 


Eye Solutions, managed by a team of eye specialists, was started in the year 2008 and has 3 branches in Mumbai.  Our Cumulative years of experience is more than 70 years and with that we are able to provide world class eye care.  We are one of the few dedicated, comprehensive Mumbai eye hospitals. Amongst this team are retina specialists, Cataract specialists, squint specialists cornea specialists and Oculoplasty specialists in Mumbai.  We perform Cataract surgery in Mumbai and treat diabetic eye disease with lasers and eye injections apart from doing routine eye tests and prescrbing glasses.  Dedicated to the protection, preservation and restoration of vision we provide treatment for children also, who have a world to discover and explore, and for adults, who desire to live independently and with dignity at any age. Our patients come first and we believe that serivce is an important part of what we do and this focus has helped us become the best eye hospital in Mumbai.

19:27 20 Jan 20
Almost 9 months ago I had almost lost vision of my left eye.I was treated by an eye surgeon for Glucoma, (3 injections in my eye) by an eye surgeon... but to no avail.At this time, I consulted Dr. DEEPAK GARG. I was fortunate to contact him. It was a blessing in disguise because I have completely recovered, after his treatment.HE HAS A MIDAS TOUCH.I was administered 3 injections in left eye and also underwent cataract surgery in both eyes.Within 3 months not only did I regain my vision, in both eyes but also spent much, much less than what I did for the previous 3 injections.Now I can read newspsper without glasses.God has blessed Dr. Garg because- He is Humble (down to earth attitude)- very concerned and very helpful- not in the lease money minded.- Dr Garg & his whole team is very amicable and creats a pleasant atmosphere once you walk Into their clinic.I highly recommend Dr. Deepak Garg, from the bottom of my heart. He is a wonderful eye surgeon.HE IS TRUELY A DOCTOR IN SIGHTread more
Viraat Hingu
Viraat Hingu
07:55 03 Oct 19
This is our third visit to Eye Solutions - Dr. Deepak has always been caring and efficient also very patient and informative to reply to your... concerns and queries. The staff too very friendly and helpful. Thank you once more
Palatine of facts
Palatine of facts
09:40 21 Aug 19
Excellent service, polite staff and very good doctors. Reasonable parking space, slightly tricky to find.
07:48 12 Aug 19
Dr Arjun at "Eye solutions complete eye hospital" provided me advice on my condition. Was extreamly thorough while investigating the problem. He was... very patient with me while I was trying to understand the issue.Thanks to Mr Abuzar for recommending Eye solutions at Kemp's Corner, more
Pearl Pastakia
Pearl Pastakia
16:02 01 Aug 19
Dr Arjun Gokani and his entire team were kind and cooperative with us. We laud his skill as an eye surgeon and his consistent concern for my father's... well-being as a patient. His concerted effort to deal with the difficult surgery of an eighty three year old man was no small task. And he did it with skill and perfection which is indeed admirable.My parents and I will ever remain more
Janaki Parekh
Janaki Parekh
20:28 06 Jul 19
Would highly recommend going to Dr Deepak for any eye related issues! The entire experience was so smooth and everyone at the clinic is very helpful!
Mustafa Porbunderwala
Mustafa Porbunderwala
06:11 04 May 19
Absolutely professional and personal attention given to the patient. Good follow up also to the patients after surgery. Excellent. Would recommend to... my friends and family more
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