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Is Cataract Surgery Painful ?

Is Cataract Surgery Painful ? Some of our patients postpone undergoing a cataract procedure in spite of not seeing well.  They say they are fine.  Over time I have realized that these individuals postpone surgery because of the fear of surgery.  It could also be fear of pain during the surgery. Some even tell us …

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Symptoms & Treatment of Eye Allergy

Eye allergies will include red, itchy, watery eyes.  These are caused by certain allergens and these can also cause sneezing, a runny or stuffy nose.  These allergies can happen seasonally affecting people who are most prone to these allergies. Eye allergies can increase depending on the environment, pollution and industrialization.   The more the allergens …

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Computer Vision Syndrome

Computer vision syndrome PROTECTING YOUR EYES FROM DIGITAL SCREENS Do your eyes burn and water just as you are putting those finishing touches to a long report? Does the texting marathon with your bestie leave your eyes stinging for hours? Digital Screens are often cast in starring roles as the villians in our life! It …

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Taking eye make up off

how to take eye make up off How to take eye make up off is a very commonly asked question.  This is how we buy our eye make up- “Waterproof? Yaaay!”, ” Smudgeproof? Yaaay!”. Then we go to bed saying “But I washed my face thoroughly!” It’s no wonder that so many of us then …

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