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Looking for a world class eye hospital in Mumbai? Eye Solutions is a holistic Mumbai eye care hospital dedicated to providing unmatched care and service to patients. Our Mumbai hospital is located at Kemps Corner in Mumbai. Our Mumbai eye case hospital doesn’t just boast a team of seasoned ophthalmologists, it is also equipped with cutting-edge technology and tools to bulletproof the success of the treatments we deliver.

Committed to providing a holistic and delightful eye care experience, our Eye doctors are experts at putting patients at ease and helping them understand all the aspects of their treatment. We understand that a doctor’s job goes beyond simply administering a treatment and doing everything possible to make the treatment as easy as possible for our valued patients.

Eye Solutions is one of the top eye hospitals in Mumbai that offers holistic care, providing treatments for all types of eye diseases and eye care needs.


151 D, August Kranti Marg,  Kemps Corner,
Mumbai 400020

Work hours

Mon-Fri: 10:00AM - 6.00PM
Sat: 9AM - 4PM

Our Team of best ophthalmologists in Mumbai

Dr Deepak Garg

Dr Deepak Garg

Cataract and Squint Specialist
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Dr Chinmay Nakhwa

Dr Chinmay Nakhwa

Medical and Surgical Retina Specialist
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Dr Urmi Shah

Dr Urmi Shah

Medical Retina Specialist
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What are the visiting hours of eye hospitals in Mumbai?
Eye Solutions is open from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday. On Saturdays we work from 9am to 4pm.
How can I book an appointment with Eye Solutions?
You can book an appointment by clicking on the number mentioned above. You can also click on book my appointment or send us a message by whatsapp. You can also send us an email at [email protected]
How much does an eye test cost in mumbai?
An basic eye test costs you Rs 1000. If the pupils are dilated and we also examine the retina and optic nerve then the charges are Rs 1500.
What to Expect During an Eye Test?
When you come in for an eye test you may spend 20 min to 45 minutes depending on whether your pupils are dilated or not.
1. Initially an optometrist sees you and does a detailed history taking and examination.
2. After this a doctor exmaines you.
3. You may need dilataion and then you are made to sit in the waiting area for 15-20 min and drops are put in your eyes.
4. The doctor then reexamines you to check the retina and optic nerve.
What tests and examinations will an eye doctor perform during a consultation?
1. After taking a detailed history and vision test with and without your glasses is performed.
2. We then recheck the eye power of your eyes.
3. Squint examination
4. Pupil examination
5. Eye movements examination
6. Slit lamp examination - The front part of the eye is examined
7. IOP - Eye pressure check
8. After dilation the retina and optic nerve are also checked.
How do I choose the right eye clinic in Mumbai for my needs?
We believe that a cataract surgery or for that matter any surgery is done once and thus one should not compromise on care. We also believe that you have rights and that includes asking the doctor about his or her experience. 
The facility should ofcourse be clean and ideally should be a one stop shop. You should not have to travel to 2-3 clinics to complete your treatments.
The facility should also be able to provide you all and any information that you seek in a transparent manner.
What are the common eye problems treated at eye hospitals?
Eye Solutions can treat all types of eye condition in all age groups. The most common are
1. Cataract surgery
2. Squint Surgery
3. Patients trying out contact lenses
4. Exmaining and prescribing glasses to children
5. Prescribing myopia control lenses to children
6. Diabetic Eye disease treatments
Who are the best ophthalmologist in mumbai?
There are many good opthalmologists in Mumbai. Eye Solutions has the best who work together as a team.
1. Dr Deepak Garg - Cataract and squint specialist
2. Dr Urmi Shah - Cataract and Medical Retina
3. Dr Chinmay Nakhwa - Surgical Retina
4. Dr Rupali Sinha and Dr Akshay Nair - Oculoplasty Specialist
5. Dr Mousmi Patil - Cornea Specialist
6. Dr Kartik Panikkar - Glaucoma Specialist
Are there any eye clinics in Mumbai that offer free or low-cost treatment?
Eye Solutions offers packages for various treatments. These packages range from very cheap to afordable to premium. To help our patients we also offer a 3 month interest free EMI on all treatments costing greater than 45000 rupees.