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Mr Malik
Mr S L Malik
Recently I had Cataract operation done by Dr. Deepak Garg,
Medical Director at Eye Solutions. Dr. Deepak Garg is an efficient eye surgeon who knows the art of establishing Rapport with his patients. He makes them comfortable during, pre- and post- operation leading to immense satisfaction of the patients.
His team at Eye Solutions is pleasing and proficient..
Rajesh Dsouza
Mr Rajesh Dsouza
Took my mother aged 78 for her cataract operation and had I’m glad to announce that from the time we stepped in to the Kemps corner clinic till date which is a week from the operation it was nothing but smooth sailing.
She was operated on by the master hands of Dr. Deepak Garg and well looked after by his efficient staff.
Overall a 5 star rating for 5 star treatment.
Kimberly Dixit
Mrs Kimberly Dixit
I've always had a great experience here for myself and my kids - even my domestic staff have gotten their eyes checked at the clinic. We have been consulting Dr. Garg for the past 7+ years and have never been disappointed with the levels of expertise, professionalism and care above and beyond what was expected. Go here!
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