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  • Mr SL Malik

    Recently I had Cataract operation done by Dr. Deepak Garg, Medical Director at Eye Solutions. Dr. Deepak Garg is an efficient eye surgeon who knows the art of establishing Rapport with his patients. He makes them comfortable during, pre- and post- operation leading to immense satisfaction of the patients> His team at Eye Solutions is pleasing and proficient..
    Zahira Crasta

    Zahira Crasta

    Dr Freya and her team are delightful to deal with. Dr Freya is trustworthy and makes a patient most comfortable and that is the reason that my dear mum did not even consider going for a second opinion and instantly decided to proceed with her eye cataract surgery with her.
    And it all went very well. Keep up the great work dear Dr Freya, Mittal, Jinal and Sachin. Always a pleasure interacting with all of you.
  • Rajesh Dsouza

    Rajesh Dsouza

    Took my mother aged 78 for her cataract operation and had I’m glad to announce that from the time we stepped in to the Kemps corner clinic till date which is a week from the operation it was nothing but smooth sailing.
    She was operated on by the master hands of Dr. Deepak Garg and well looked after by his efficient staff.
    Overall a 5 star rating for 5 star treatment.

    Sandeep Rajadhyaksha

    At the outset , I would like to say that I have been in touch with Eye Solutions, almost since a year. Your care and nurturing has really been heart wrenching, warm and almost family like. The good care during operation, post operative check ups and consistent care has now cleared my vision and given me better eyesight.
    Eye Solutions you are the best
    Thanks to all the staff and A Special Thank you to
    Dr. Freya Rao
  • Sunila Ayala

    I have been taking my 6.5 year old daughter to Dr.Deepak Garg past 2 years for her eye checkups. He is absolutely amazing and so gentle, he put my daughter at ease. His diagnosis is pretty spot on and he is easy to reach, gives you the time needed and answers all the queries with patience and the appointments are never rushed. His support staff takes all due diligence and ensures a smooth vist. Highly recommend him for kids and adults both.

    Parvez Amin

    Going to Eye Solutions Kandivili for my cataract surgery was one of the best decisions I ever made. Dr Freya Rao is an excellent surgeon with a compassionate human touch so rare in today's world. My vision is as good as new. Also I was very impressed with extraordinary precautions for COVID times which made one very comfortable. May God bless Dr Freya and give her strength to restore vision to many many more.