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India is a very popular medical tourism destination the world over. There are many reasons for this. Medical expertise and the cost of cataract surgery in India are the two main reasons. In fact, in general, India offers a significant benefit-cost in all surgical fields. India is also hosting many tourists every year.

Many tourists combine their holidays with medical treatments. This is when they benefit by not having to wait in their countries for these same treatments. They also get this treatment at half the cost.
Eye Solutions is Mumbai’s premier, multi-specialty, NABH certified Eye Hospital. It is only a 45 min drive away from the international airport of Mumbai, India. Eye Solutions currently has 3 locations in Mumbai. Our biggest center is a large 9000 sq foot facility located at Kemps Corner, Mumbai.

We offer comprehensive world-class eye care by a team of 9 super specialist eye surgeons. Along with trained optometrists, nurses, and support staff, our team of doctors is able to treat your medical condition. We also take care of you at the same time. All are fluent in English and many of us know more than one local language. Each of the doctors is fellowship-trained. We know that apart from a healthcare organization we are also a service organization. Thus we are always looking for ways to delight our patients when they visit our hospitals.

Eye surgery and treatments in India

Ophthalmology is one of the most advanced medical specialties in India. Quite a few of the eye hospitals in India are at par with the world’s best. Please note that this is so even after the cost of cataract surgery in India is atleast 40% less than the west.
India has the largest burden of eye diseases. This provides the Indian eye hospitals and eye specialists with rich experience of dealing with eye diseases surely and precisely.
So if you or your loved one is thinking of traveling for eye surgery, look no further than Eye Solutions, Mumbai.

Why visit India for Medical and Surgical Treatments ( Medical Tourism ) ?

The cost of cataract surgery in India is at least 40% lower than in western countries. The lenses that we use are the exact same lenses that western countries use.
India is one of the preferred healthcare destinations because of quality surgical treatment.
Indian doctors have well recognized the world over for their training, experience, and compassion. Most are aware that a significant number of doctors in America are Indian.
The medical treatments provided are best in class with the latest technology and thousands of people trust their health with Indian doctors every year.
Indian hospitals offer modern infrastructure and medical professional skills that rival the best in the world.
2020 article on medical tourism.

Cost of Cataract Surgery in India ?

One of the biggest advantages of getting your cataract surgery in India is the cost benefits. All surgical procedures are much cheaper in India than in western countries.
At Eye solutions, the cost of cataract surgery in India can range from Rs 22000 ($ 310) per eye to Rs 125000 ($1760) per eye. The price varies because of the various lens options available to you. One can get an Indian-made monofocal lens to a German Zeiss Trifocal lens. There are also various other lenses that you can choose from. Not that anyone lens is bad but yes, each lens has its own advantages and benefits.
You should have a detailed discussion with your doctor to finally pick a lens that's right for you.
Another important thing for you to keep in mind. You might want to consider doing both your eyes at one visit. We usually perform the second eye surgery 2 days after the first. If you choose to get both eyes done then the cost-benefit kicks in for you. All other costs that you have incurred remain the same except the extra surgery.

One can read more about the cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai.

Other eye conditions that we treat

Eye Solutions is a one-stop shop for all your eye care needs. We have oculoplastic specialists, retina specialists, glaucoma, and cornea specialists on board. We also have squint specialists. You are welcome to read more about our team of doctors in the hospital section. For the surgical correction of squints please feel free to write to us. We can send you pre and post-surgery pictures of patients. You can get a better idea of how the eyes appear after the surgery.

Why come to Eye Solutions ?

Latest eye diagnostic and surgical equipment from Carl Zeiss and Heidelberg, Germany, Tomey Japan, and Haag Streit, Switzerland.
All eye super-specialist under one roof – 9 eye doctors work together as a team to ensure the best diagnosis and treatment. As a team, we are able to deal with any eye condition in individuals of any age group.
Multilocation in Mumbai
NABH Certified hospital meeting all healthcare standards of the top rating agency in India.
State-of-the-art operation theatres, fitted with HEPA filters and Laminar flow systems for complete infection control.
Beautifully done interiors to meet the demands of both local as well as our international patients.
Service-oriented attitude
Write to us with your requirements and we will get back to you with options and charges right away.

Eye conditions and their treatments

  1. Cataract Consultation
  2. Cataract surgery
  3. Cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai
  4. Best Monofocal IOL for your cataract surgery
  5. Multifocal IOL
  6. Trifocal IOL
  7. Squint surgery
  8. Blepharoplasty

Facilities available at Eye Solutions 

  1. One on one communication with our doctors by email or WhatsApp
  2. Multiple Payment options: All major Credit Cards and online payment transfer.
  3. Electronic follow-up care via WhatsApp, emails, teleconsultation and video calls
  4. Coordination with hotels and travel agencies for a smooth travel experience

Do you have any other medical condition that we can help you with ?

As a service to our patients, we arrange any other consultation or second opinions that you seek. Since we share a personal rapport with many doctors in many specialties, we make sure that you are well looked after. We can also arrange other checkups if you would like since you are in India.

Our patients choose to meet diabetologists, dentists and some get detailed blood work done. Some choose to buy medicines or contact lenses to save on cost and we will help you with all these requirements. We do not charge for this and you can directly pay the service provider.

Hotels and Accomodation

Eye Solutions, Kemps corner is in South Mumbai and is in one of the nicer parts of Mumbai. There are many hotels nearby and one can choose your hotel based on your budget. Eye Solutions can help you with your entire travel arrangements. Eye Solutions does not charge for this service. We will make sure everything is smooth as regards your travel. You will pay only on actuals for tickets and hotels.

There is much more information about Hotels, Restaurants and Points of interest near Eye Solutions, Kemps Corner