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Cost of Cataract Surgery

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Like everything else that we buy,  motiyabind operation/cataract surgery cost in Mumbai or cataract lens price list is essential information that people seek during their consultations. Since we see a lot of international patients, to clarify, Motiyabind is the Hindi word for cataract. It is fair for patients to know why the significant variation in the cataract lens price list amongst various types of lenses and different hospitals.

In the first section of the text below, we have discussed what impacts the charges for the cataract operation cost in Mumbai. In the second section, we have mentioned the range of cataract surgery packages at Eye Solutions.

What are the various factors that decide the cost of the cataract operation in Mumbai?

The cataract lens price list (motiyabind operation) depends on the following factors :

  1. The lens that you have chosen. You can read about the best cataract lenses.
  2. The equipment used to perform surgery will impact surgery costs.
  3. The experience of the surgeon will impact cataract surgery costs.
  4. The quality of the materials used will impact surgery costs.
  5. The quality of instruments used will impact surgery costs.
  6. The location of the hospital.
  7. The infrastructure of the hospital and operation theatre

The lens implanted in the eye - A most crucial factor in determining the cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai

The lens your eye surgeon will implant in the eye is the most significant deciding factor in the cost of your cataract operation.

You can read a general overview of all the available lenses. There is more detailed information about individual types of lenses too.  These range from Monofocal to Multifocal to EDOF and trifocal Lenses.

The prices of the lenses vary to a large extent.   To give you an idea, the cost of a lens can range from around Rs 3000 to Rs 75000. The lenses range from Indian non-foldable lenses to multinational trifocal foldable lenses. Getting into the details of each lens is out of the scope of this article. We would yet be happy to answer any specific questions you may have. Feel free to write to us. You could also read a short note on" The best cataract lens. "

Equipment used to perform cataract surgery.

The cataract operation cost in Mumbai would depend on this significantly. There are, of course, many things needed to run an operation theatre. Operation theatres need to have anesthesia machines and emergency equipment like defibrillators. One may never need these for cataract surgery. Let's ignore these for the moment.

The three most essential pieces of equipment needed for performing cataract surgery are:

  1. The phaco machine
  2. The operating microscope
  3. The autoclave

The cost of these machines range from a few lakhs to 45 lakhs of rupees—better the equipment, better the outcome of the surgeries. If nothing else, one thing is for sure that the surgeon has access to superior technology to do their job.

Sometimes our cataract surgery patients forward us queries they receive from insurance companies. The insurance company asks for a break up of the instrument charges. We then reply with information about the equipment we have and the cost of the said equipment. The costs to own this equipment are so high that we don't hear back from the insurance companies most of the time.

Thus, the cost of eye surgery would depend on the surgeon's instruments at their disposal.

Cataract EMI

The surgeon's experience will impact the cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai.

Performing a phaco or cataract operation is an art. Your eye surgeon acquires this art over many years of training. Post starting practice, as the years go by, the surgeon's ability and skill increase.

Part of your cataract operation cost would be the surgeon's fees. Here the surgeon can charge an amount they consider fair for their skills. Of course, these charges may appear unreasonable or unfair to the patient, and maybe so. In the end, the patient can choose their doctor and decide to get operated on by a surgeon whose charges seem fair.

Quality of materials used for cataract surgery or motiyabind operation

The equipment is not the only item used during surgery. Apart from the phaco machine, eye surgeons have to use other disposable items. There is also significant variation in what's available in the market. The higher the quality of materials one uses, the higher the cataract surgery cost.

We want to state that these costs don't significantly impact the total cost of surgery.

Quality of instruments

Apart from the equipment used in the operation theatre, the quality of instruments is essential. Instruments are blades, and forceps, and that sort of stuff. There is a significant variation in what is available in the market. The hospital would choose to charge a certain fee based on the quality of instruments they use.

We have to add that this factor plays a small role in the cost of the cataract operation in Mumbai. Not that the instruments are not necessary. They are essential. But, this cost is not high in the larger scheme of things.

Location of the hospital

The location will also decide the cost of cataract surgery in Mumbai. Mumbai is one of the most expensive cities in India. Rental, as well as real estate costs, vary even within Mumbai. Learn more about Mumbai's real estate prices. If the hospital is in an expensive area, the cataract operation cost is bound to be higher.

The infrastructure of the hospital and operation theatre

The size of the hospital and the type of construction of the operation theatre will impact cataract operation costs. We can clad the operation theatre walls with tiles or steel. We can put a split AC unit or ducted AC with HEPA filters. The costs involved to set up OT depend on what we use.

Maintenance of the hospital, quality of staff, and how good is the service will impact charges. It means that the hospital strives to give the patient a great experience. This effort involves staff training, systems, and protocols.   Thus this becomes a factor in your cataract surgery cost.

What are the cataract surgery costs in Mumbai at Eye Solutions?

The lens is an essential factor in determining the cataract surgery cost (Motiyabind surgery cost). Eye Solutions, like many other leading hospitals, provide many options.  These range from Monofocal to toric to multifocal to trifocal lenses.  You can read detailed information about various lenses.

At Eye Solutions, we have created packages presented in our cataract lens price list for our patients. The packages include all hospital charges, like hospital charges, the surgeon's fees, etc. The patient thus pays us a fixed amount. Eye Solutions also provides post-surgery medicines and protection glasses; if you want to know more, read more about post-surgery care.

Our packages range from Rs 22000 per eye to Rs 75000 per eye for monofocal lenses. The multifocal lenses packages are 74000 and 98000 depending on the lens used. The Trifocal lenses range from 130000 to 155000. The toric lens packages range from 63000 to 150000 per eye.  The most expensive is for the Trifocal lenses.

  • Minimum expenses for Cataract Surgery in Mumbai may be Rs. 22000
  • Average cost Cataract Surgery in Mumbai may be Rs. 60000
  • Maximum price for Cataract Surgery in Mumbai may be Rs. 155000

We offer special packages for senior citizens and also conduct rotary eye camps. You are, of course, welcome to write to us at [email protected], and we will send you our cataract lens price list.

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