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Eye Test Online

In today’s busy world a lot of people are looking for an eye test online  Either they are looking for eye test charts or some other online tool to help assess their vision or eye health.

We have given you information here about eye testing online and provided you with some charts for eye sight test charts for you to use at home.

Amsler Grid chart for eye test online

One of the eye conditions we routinely see is macular degeneration.  Also known as Age-related macular degeneration or ARMD.  This is a condition that affects the central most part of the retina and vision gets blurred.  Sometimes patients are not able to say if their vision is affected or not because vision is only marginally affected.  It's obviously very important that this disease is caught as early as possible to enable most beneficial treatment.  This test has multiple squares on it and sometimes patients refer to it as the squares eye test.  

This is where the Amsler chart plays its role and you can download it below.  

Here is how to use it.

  1. Download and print on the plain white A4 size paper
  2. Cover one eye with tissue paper using tape to stick it to your face
  3. If you have glasses please wear the glasses over the tissue paper
  4. Take a pen in your dominant hand
  5. Hold the paper in front of you about 1.5 feet away
  6. Look at the center dot on the chart.   Do not look anywhere except at the center dot.
  7. While looking at the center dot notice the entire grid in your peripheral vision
  8. You may see wavy lines or black spots in parts of this grid.  
  9. Please mark the wavy lines or the black spots which could be big or small

If you are doing this test for the first time and notice wavy lines or black spots you need to be seen by a doctor as soon as possible to rule out a retinal disease.

If you are already a patient who has ARMD

If you have done this test before and have the previous recordings then this test serves as a follow-up.  If your new recording is the same as the previous recording then nothing is needed.  If however there is a change in your new recording then you need to see an eye doctor.

Online Vision Test

Many of our patients look to do a free online eye test to assess their vision.  Even though online eye testing may not be the best there are a few options for you.  These online eye tests have to be standardized because of the size of your screen, font, color contrast, and even brightness, all play a role in assessing your vision.  When it comes to an online eye testing chart these things are difficult to standardize because of changes at the user end.  Because this is not offered in all the available online tests there is no one best online vision test.

Many offer online eye testing but we doubt the authenticity of all of them.   We have done our own research and found a few sites and give you some basic forms of online tests.

1) The first is from Essilor.  The tests they have provided are basic for the reasons we have mentioned above.  

2) The second is from Zeiss and this site does have some form of calibration to enable you to get an accurate result.

Online Colour Vision Testing


Here too we did some online research but no one has color vision testing with calibration.  For online color vision testing, calibration of your own computer is the most important thing.  we have found that the online chart for eye testing for color vision doesn’t have a system in place to calibrate your computer.  We thus would recommend you to not try this at home/office but visit an ophthalmologist for the same.


Astigmatism is a condition where one has to wear glasses to see clearly.  These glasses would mainly be for far but can be for far and near also.  There are some eye tests online for this too.   Here is one eye test online.


When you visit a doctors clinic they would check for the following

  1. Vision
  2. Refraction
  3. Presbyopic correction ( Near glasses prescription)
  4. Squint assessment
  5. Slit Lamp Examination
  6. Eye pressure examination to rule out Glaucoma
  7. Retina examination to rule out any retinal diseases like Diabetic eye disease or macular degeneration.
  8. Optic nerve examination to again rule our Glaucoma or optic nerve disease.

In an online eye test, the following is checked

  1. Vision
So you can clearly see that online eye testing or an online eye testing chart don’t really give you the answers that you are looking for.  In fact, they may give you a false sense of security and it is extremely important to get a routine eye examination done.

Are online eye tests accurate ?

Ophthalmology is a very technology dependant specialty.  Thus, ophthalmologists the world over are fairly technology savvy.  There are also significant advances in technology being used in ophthalmology to diagnose certain eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy.  As time goes by we are sure that usage of this technology will only increase.

That being said at the current time, the accuracy of these online eye testing sites is really doubtful.  As mentioned in earlier there is a lot of standardization that goes into vision testing in a doctor's clinic.  Very few online sites actually focus on the calibration of your computer screen to enable this standardization.  

What these online eye tests currently do is give you a rough idea about your vision and if you should go see an ophthalmologist and that too to a small extent.  They do not detect other serious eye conditions and you may be having.

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