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Eye laser treatment or Eye Laser surgery is in reality a very broad term.  There are multiple lasers used for eye treatments.  Individuals use terms like eye laser operation or eye laser surgery and most of the times because of the context of a comment like this, your doctor knows which laser eye surgery are you referring to.

Most commonly, one may be referring to Lasik eye surgery and if you are looking for that then visit the lasik eye surgery page for more detailed information.

What is Laser?

Laser stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In simple terms, a laser has a light source, which emits the laser beam. As that laser comes in contact with the target tissue, it produces different effects.  There is a substance in the laser machine which produces the laser.  This substance can be a solid, liquid or gas.

Types of Laser Eye Surgery

Eye Laser treatment for the eyes involves treating a number of different conditions.  The different form of eye laser treatments are :


This laser correction is used to get rid of one eye power.  This is a pulse laser.  It means the laser does not flow out continuously.  The name of this laser is Exciemer laser and is probably the most common eye laser treatment.  This is probably the laser that people refer to when they generally ask for eye laser operation


This is again a pulse laser.  It is used to treat the post capsular opacification that happens in the eye after a cataract surgery.  The name of this laser is Nd-Yag laserYou can watch this interesting video on how a Yag Caps is done.  The video is all the way at the bottom of the page.


This is also know glaucoma laser surgery.  This is used to treat one subtype of glaucoma called narrow angle glaucoma.  Here a small hole is made in the iris.  The name of this laser is Nd-Yag laser.  It is the same laser used for yag caps

Laser eye surgery for diabetes

This is a continuous laser.  It is also known as double frequency Nd-Yag laser.  Another name for the same is green laser.  Green laser for diabetic retinopathy. Diabetic retinopathy is one part of diabetic eye disease but is the most important part and yes diabetic retinopathy is a blinding disease.

Barrage retinal laser

High myopia can lead to weak spots in the retina.  These weak spots could be retinal hole or lattice degeneration. These weak spots are treated with the same green laser and more can be read about lattice degeneration treatment.

Can Diabetics have Laser eye Surgery?

“Can diabetics get laser eye surgery ?“ is a very commonly asked question.  As mentioned previously this is usually asked in the context of lasik eye surgery to get rid of eye power.  However, if you want to know more about laser to treat diabetic eye disease, you can read about green laser for diabetic retinopathy.

Laser eye surgery can be done in diabetics.  Of course the sugars have to be normal and well controlled.

There is however one thing that you should know.  Usually diabetes occurs in older individuals.  If you are a youngish reader and considering lasik to get rid of your eyepower then read the lasik page.  However, if you are reader who is above lets say 45-50 years, then we would strongly suggest you to consider a procedure called clear lens extraction.

Clear lens extraction is nothing but a cataract surgery which is done before the cataract develops.   The reason it is preferred over lasik for individuals near 50 years of age is that lasik will get rid of only distance glasses and that too would last for a few years only.  You would still have to wear reading glasses.  As time goes by there is a high chance of you developing a cataract by the age of 55-60 years and would then need a cataract surgery anyway.  On the other hand a cataract surgery with a multifocal lens implantation would get rid of both distance and near glasses for life.

So, Can diabetics get laser eye surgery ?  Of Course they can.  Speak to your doctor for more details.

What does Laser Eye Surgery entail?

All the laser mentioned above are done as an OPD (out patient) procedure except lasik.  Lasik eye surgery is however still a day care procedure and you would go home in a few hours.

Some eye drops are instilled into the eyes for all procedures except lasik and more details can be read on the pages for different types of lasers.

Eye Laser Treatment side effects

‘What are the risks with laser eye surgery ?” is commonly asked off of us. Its natural to be concerned and worried for your eye health.

For most lasers the following is true. 

  • The eye lasers are not painful. The patient might experience mild discomfort during the procedure. However, in the hands of an experienced surgeon there are no other side effects. 
  • One can read more details on individual pages but all the above mentioned lasers except lasik eye surgery is important to get done if your doctor feels so.  Lasik is a personal choice and that decision lies with you.
  • Laser eye surgery risks are minimal fortunately.  And this is true for all the types of lasers.  Lasik too, is not a 100% guaranteed procedure like everything in medicine and in life.  But the laser eye treatment side effects with lasik too, which is an elective surgery, are minimal and if you are keen to get it done then you can consider going ahead with it.

Is laser eye surgery safe ?  So yes, it is safe to get laser eye treatments and as mentioned it is necessary most of the times.

Can both eyes be treated together with eye laser?

Unlike a cataract surgery, Laser can be done on both eyes simultaneously, one after the other.  When we perform laser on one eye we can only do a maximum certain number of spots.  Hitting too many laser shots can cause swelling in the retina. Thus it actually makes sense to treat the other eye at the same sitting if required.

What is laser eye surgery cost in Mumbai?

By now you know context of the word laser is important.  Laser eye surgery price varies depending on type of laser being done, doctor, hospital and city that you live in.  More details on individual laser pages. 

  1. Lasik eye surgery price ranges from Rs 55000 to 125000.
  2. Yag Caps – This eye laser surgery cost ranges from Rs 3000 – 4000
  3. Yag PI – The cost of eye laser surgery ranges from Rs 3000 – 4000
  4. Diabetes eye laser surgery – usually 3 sittings are needed per eye.  5000 per sitting per eye
  5. Laser for lattice degeneration – The cost of this eye laser surgery cost is Rs 5000 per eye

Frequently asked questions ?

Is Laser eye surgery good for eyes?
No procedure that your ophthalmologist suggests for you would be bad for you. As mentioned this question most likely refers to lasik.
Lasik helps getting rid of your glasses. It is not a procedure that is suggested because its good for you. Its most likely you seeking to get lasik done to get rid of your glasses. Lasik is not performed in certain situations but otherwise its a very safe procedure.

In fact all the other laser procedures are also good for the eyes. The other procedures are actually needed more than the lasik.

Is laser eye surgery painful?
All the laser procedures described above are not painful. One may feel a slight prick or a slight heaviness but these sensations are only transient if at all.

How permanent is laser eye surgery?
Lasik gets rid of your glasses for one distance usually for far. If one were to get lasik at the age of 20 they would be glass free till 42 years of age. Why 42? Because one gets reading glasses at around that age. So lasik or not one will get reading glasses at 42 yrs.

How long does laser eye surgery last for?
The effect of lasik lasts for many years. People remain glass free for far for a few years beyong 50 years of age after which they would get glasses for far.
What is the correct age for laser eye surgery ?
Most often when we get asked this question, the eye laser treatment that is being referred to is lasik. Lasik is usually done at the age of 19-20 years. We don’t perform lasik in younger individuals. If you are younger than 19-20 years of age you would have to wear glasses or contact lenses.
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