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Our Kemps Corner Facility caters to international patients.  Here you will find information about Hotels, Restaurants and sights in and around this part of Mumbai.

Our Kemps Corner facility is located in South Mumbai.  This is the older Mumbai and is considered more uptown.  


There are all kinds of hotels in and around Kemps Corner.  We can help you with bookings at any of these hotels.  Charges will be on actuals and we do not charge you for this service.

5 Star Hotels

  1. Taj Mahal Palace - This is an iconic hotel and is located at the beautiful Gateway of India.  
  2. Trident - Another very famous hotel located at Nariman Point
  3. Oberoi - This hotel is again an old chain in India.  This is located right next to Trident at Nariman Point.
  4. Intercontinental - Located at Marine Drive
  5. Marine Plaza - Located at Marine Drive near the Intercontinental Hotel
  6. Four Seasons - This is located at Lower Parel about 15 minutes from the hospital.  It is very near the St Regis Mumbai.
  7. St Regis Mumbai - This is one of the newer hotels and is also located in Lower Parel.  It also houses one of the biggest malls in the city called the High Street Phoenix mall and the Palladium.

Other very good hotels

  1. Shalimar Hotel - This is a very good hotel located at a 5 min walking distance from the hospital
  2. Hotel Kemps Corner - This is not as fancy as Shalimar hotel but is located right next to it and is 5 minute walk from the hospital.
  3. Krishna Palace - This is also a good hotel and is a 15 min walk from the hospital.  The area of this hotel is not as nice as the other hotels mentioned here.


  1. Gustoso - Italian 
  2. China Garden - Indian Chinese
  3. Plate and Pint - Deli

There are also many restaurants which are not as close by as the above 3 restaurants but not too far either.

  1. Royal China - Asian
  2. Jia - Asian
  3. Dakshinayan - South Indian

There are many more.   The best way to see the menus or orders would be to go to food delivery apps like Swiggy and Zomato.


  1. Breach Candy Hospital
  2. Jaslok Hospital
  3. Cumballa Hill Hospital
  4. Harkisandas Hospital
  5. Bhatia Hospital
  6. Saifee Hospital

Sights around Kemps Corner

  1. Hanging Gardens
  2. Gateway of India
  3. Palladium Mall
  4. Jehangir Art Gallery
  5. Colaba Causeway
  6. Nariman Point
  7. Prince of Wales Museum
  8. Kala Ghoda
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