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Make up for puffy eyes

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Author : Dr Deepak Garg
Make-up for Puffy eyes

“Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”; is a very well-known saying.

The eyes as we know are the window to the world that we see, the cultures that we choose to adapt and the surroundings that we absorb. Our eyes are the emotions that can expel a lot of unspoken words. Hence it is imperative to appreciate and look after God’s gift that is your Eyes!

Puffy eyes are a common eye condition. Swollen eyes could occur because of age, lack of sleep, fluid retention or some eye infections. Treatments options include compresses with cold water, ointments or eye creams and even surgery. Getting 8 hours of sleep is another important tool to reduce puffy eyes. Sometimes one may have to live with these puffy eyes. In this situation, it may be worthwhile to understand how these puffy eyes can be dealt with when attending social functions.

This article was written by Mrs Monaz Cooper who is herself a beauty expert and run beauty salons in Mumbai. This is her Instagram handle

The first rule to be mindful of when approaching makeup for your Eyes is –

  • To identify what shape of eyes you have?
  • What kind of colours would enhance the natural shape of your eye?
  • What colors will suit your skin tone?
  • What kind of eyeliner shape will augment or diffuse your eyes?
  • What is the occasion and what kind of eye makeup do you desire?

Every human being is built differently in shape and size. For that matter, even our eyes are of different shapes, colours and proportions. Big eyes, small eyes, hooded eyes, a deep crease, deep set, wide set, close-set or even puffy eyes!

There are various tips and methods of enhancing your natural eye shape as well as shaping your eyes with makeup.

Puffy Eyes

They are the type of eyes that can be a concern for young women as well as mature women. It could be because of unbalanced food intake, allergy-related, hereditary or even age-related. The makeup tip for puffy eyes is a great moisturizer and depending on your skin type, healthy facial oil or serum before you start your makeup.

Correctors and Concealers

These are terms that are often loosely used by self-taught makeup artists or should I say the new-gen Insta girls! Choosing the perfect colour and texture of corrector and concealer for Indian skin tone is critical. It’s a combination of warm colours since the Indian skin tone is quite yellow. If your skin type and eyelids are oily, stay away from cream-based products. Choose powder and matt textures and colours. If your skin type is dry, then maybe you need an extra bit of moisturizer or a facial oil but beware of how you prep your under-eyes and your eyelids. If you are blessed with under-eye bags (pun intended), ensure you moisturize well and use a good corrector and concealer which is not very matt in texture. Any matt corrector or concealer can dry up, give insufficient coverage and eventually not blend well with the foundation. This will create cracks in your eye makeup.

The role of a corrector as it explains is to correct, to make right what is not! The role of a concealer as the name suggests is to conceal or hide imperfections. A very light concealer may not always work on puffy bag-like eyes. In fact, lighter colours do just the opposite. They enhance, highlight and bring to attention what you choose not to. For puffy eyes ensure you use a slightly darker concealer than what you would normally use to subdue the puffiness.


Applying foundation is an art just like any other step in makeup. Never rub or paint heavy brush-like strokes around eyes that are puffy. Experienced makeup professionals use the art of their fingers or a soft beauty blender. Avoid dragging movements, ensure feather touch-like movements around your eyes.


Some of the colours that can be used for puffy eyes are bright colours, and matt colours to neutralize the puffiness of the eyes. Keep away from shiny, metallic and glitter-based eyeshadows. Puffy eyes may sometimes need a good guideline for the crease. Hence ensure that the colours used in the crease are warm and that enhance the Indian skin tone. A perfectly drawn crease is very important to uplift puffy eyes that sag. The crease must be well blended, faded especially in the inner corner and not look blotchy. The colour on the eyelids can be kept warm and dark towards the outer and inner corners and light or bright in the centre of the eye ( technically known as the focus point). The Color combination should not be a medley. It should either be from a single family so if you have chosen to use browns, use a combination of warm browns mixed with chocolate browns and maybe cool browns. If you choose maroons then a mix of wine colours will also look good with a soft crease. Don’t go heavy on a smoky eye with puffy eyes. It might just make your client look like a ‘black panda’.


Eyeliner is a beautiful way to uplift puffy eyes. The shape of the liner will depend on the shape of the eyes. Of course, the ultimate aim is to achieve an almond shape however ensure you don’t make the eyes very dramatic. Puffy eyes have to have a wearable liner that simply enhances the natural look and does not draw too much attention to the eyes. So yes tight line the upper eyelash line and sweep a lighter colour in the lower lash line. This will open up the face and make your eyes look brighter.


Our eyebrows are not twins. They are sisters that have close similarities. So stick to the natural shape. A slight rectangle at the start point will lift the eyes. Watch out for the arch, enhance it if needed and finally the end of the tail should not be too elongated. It mustn’t make the eyes droop.

Finally, just a few tips on contouring the face for puffy eyes. As a makeup artist, the ultimate shape that we aim to achieve is Oval hence ensure you contour the forehead and nose correctly since they definitely draw attention. Highlighter in the C Zone and under the eyes is important to brighten up and open up the face. Keep in mind not to over-highlight the eyebrow bone. If it is protruding, stick to matt highlighter if not, you can apply your usual shine highlighter.

Finally, our Eyes are God’s gift to appreciate things and people around us. Liven your spirit by enhancing your beauty, don’t try too hard to change it!

About the Author-  Mrs Monaz Cooper is an independent hairdresser and makeup artist

You can write to her at [email protected] or visit her Instagram page.

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