I am Dr. Freya Rao, partner in EYE SOLUTIONS, Kandivali. After completing my Dip. Ophthalmology from SRMC, Chennai with a gold medal, I went on to do my DNB (Ophthal.) and subsequently worked in Hinduja hospital, Mahim and Sanjeevani Charitable Hospital, Malad.

I am thoroughly enjoying my association with EYE SOLUTIONS as a partner. Right from the time I entered my MBBS two decades ago, it has been my ambition to provide a world standard of healing in the area that I am passionate about- Ophthalmology. It was also my dream to do so in an environment of caring and compassion, not merely a clinical one. EYE SOLUTIONS has enabled me to realise both my ambition and my dream, a rare combination indeed! The transparency and open environment that is encouraged here has made the experience all the more enjoyable and stress-free.

I look forward to the journey ahead, of being a part of EYE SOLUTIONS as it grows from strength to greater strength.

Testimonial for my son Daniyal’s squint surgery

I, Huzefa Salim Tapia, a member of the BNI Superstars chapter, would like to express my gratitude to Dr. Deepak Garg of Eye Solutions for the operation of my son Daniyal’s squint eye surgery.

We visited Dr. Deepak Garg’s Eye Hospital for second opinion and he said exactly what the other doctor had said. We took an instant decision of going with Dr. Garg for what we had heard of him from other fellow BNI members.

Before the surgery he asked us a million questions regarding our son’s past medical history so that he would not fall short of any required detail.

The surgery was done in 45 minutes and my son was out of the hospital in 4 hours. It was a miracle for us to see how handsome our son was without squint. Yes we have troubled Dr. Garg with our concerns time and again after the surgery, but we was very sportingly picked up each and every call or called back later without fail if he was busy then.

I recommend any and everyone to see Dr. Garg for any big or small eye problem. You will always be in the safest hands you can imagine.

Thanking you,

Huzefa Tapia

For Turning Heads

April 29th 2015

Dear Dr. Deepak garg,

Trips to all doctors are always successful. So it was for me when I had a problem in my eyesight. I was unable to see distant objects as clearly as I used to, before. I was putting it off for another day until I visited your hospital during our 1st one-to-ne BNI meetings. You showed me your hospital and the various facilities with a lot of enthusiasm and pride. I was totally impressed by the facilities and I decided almost immediately, that I will visit you once again and talk to you about my eyesight problem. I took an appointment and I visited your office in the following week.

I was greeted at the reception immediately and they made me comfortable. The appointed and friendly interiors put me at ease almost immediately. From then on, it was a dream experience. I did not realize, how quickly and efficiently, your entire staff took care of my needs and then finally you examined me and gave a solution to my problem.

Your personalized interaction, humility and simplicity impressed me the most and I have since made a lot of visits with my father-in-law and some other friends and each time I have returned extremely satisfied and humbled by your approach and treatment and patience.

Thank you Dr. Deepak for everything! Wishing you all the best!

Warm regards,

Prashant Welling

Managing partner

Innotech Enterprises

May 5th 2011

I would like to share my experience with Dr. Garg. As a doctor, as a friend, as a BNI colleague and most of all as a good caring human being. To be a good doctor, the first ingredient is to be a good human being – that’s Deepak. One who treats all with the same care and attention, without any discrimination of the rich, poor, color and cast or economic strata.

He performed a cataract surgery for both eyes for someone I recommended who was underpriviledged. He did so, with so much care, love equality and dignity. He made her feel she was special. He gave her time and care and saw her through. Today she can see well and bless him all the while.

I will always remember this act of kindness, and you Deepak will always be my eye doctor. The doctor with a difference – a kind heart and a kind soul. People who get paid with blessings go a long way.

Thank you Deepak for being one of a kind. Thank you also for being a part of the leadership team.

Rashmi Mansukhani

Destination Management Travel Services (I)Pvt Ltd

March 17th 2011

Doctor’s parent wisely named their son – ‘Deepak’ – ‘Light/Jyot’. Deepak and his team of young dedicated eye doctors are giving better vision to young and old alike using cutting edge technology with a human touch. Presently, they are doing their best to restore sight on my infected left eye. They will succeed. My family and self are grateful. Our prayers are with him to attain continued success.

God bless.