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Glaucoma Consultation

Glaucoma Consultation

Dr. Rajul Parikh

Glaucoma specialist


Glaucoma is characterized by increased pressure due to poor flow of the fluid within the eye and it is the second leading cause of blindness worldwide. The increased pressure in the eye leads to the damage of the optic nerve, the nerve that receives visual information. The person with family history of glaucoma is strongly prone to have it.
Currently there is no cure for glaucoma, but there are several non surgical treatment options that can help manage the disease. It is very important to be diagnosed as early as possible, because while there are good treatments for glaucoma, there is no way to reverse any nerve damage that may have already occurred.

Glaucoma consultation will Include a comprehensive eye examination and special testing to determine the best treatment plan for individual needs. The tests will include all or some of the following :

  • Vision test
  • Slit lamp biomicroscopic examination
  • Applantion tonometry ( Intra ocular pressure)
  • Pachymetry ( thickness of the cornea)
  • Gonioscopy
  • Optic nerve assessment – ophthalmoscopy, color photography and/or nerve fiber layer analysis.
  • Visual fields
  • OCT Retinal nerve fibre layer

Eye solutions offers attractive packages to glaucoma patients who need regular investigations for followup of their eye disease. The package includes pachymetry, feilds and OCT for both eyes for 4000 instead of a routine charge of 5100.




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