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Removal of stye

Removal of stye

What is a stye

A stye usually has 2 stages.  An acute stage when it first appears and a chronic stage when it has been there for some time.

The acute stage is associated with pain and redness and a lot of discomfort.  There could be generalized lid swelling and this may lead to blurry vision too.  At this stage it is also known as a hordeolum.  

In the chronic stage swelling is more localized to the lump that one can feel.  Pain has almost dissapeared and so has the redness.  This stage is known as a chalazion.

How is the stye treated ?

Each stage has a different form of treatment.  The acute stage is treated with medications.  The stye usually goes away with appropriate treatment. These treatments consist of antibiotic eye ointments and hot fomentation.  Sometimes antiinflammatory and antibiotic tablets are prescribed too.

Sometimes however, the bump of the stye remains and its then that we need to remove the stye.  As mentioned earlier this is known as a chalazion.

In this surgery a small injection is given to numb the area of the bump. After applying a clamp over the bump a small incision is made on the underside of the eyelid. No incision is made on the skin. Thus this procedure does not leave any scar.

After removing the necrotic material the eye is patched with ointment and the patch is removed the next day. The lid may be swollen for a day or two more after which the swelling slowly subsides.  

Will this small procedure need to be repeated ?

Short answer is yes, sometimes.  The Chalazion is usually present in pockets.  Multiple pockets close to each other form the lump that you see or can feel.  Sometimes one of the pockets is left behind by your doctor.  This can happen because the pocket was very deep in the lid and your eye doctor did not want to risk going very deep in the eyelid.  However, everytime a stye removal is done there is significant reduction in the size of the lump and most of the time the lump completely goes away.

Frequently Asked Questions

The stye removal takes about 10-15 minutes.  Your total time spent at the hospital could be anywhere between 30 – 45 minutes.  As mentioned, the eye is patched after the procedure and you can leave immediately once the procedure is completed.

The eye is patched after the procedure.  We instruct our patients to remove the patch 4-5 hours later and start ointments and eye drops.  Sometimes we also prescribe certain tablets which help in faster healing.

Usually the swelling completely dissapears in a week.

The removal of the stye is one in an operation theater.  Even though the procedure is small and takes 10-15 minutes we have to use OT time for this procedure.

At Eye Solutions we charge Rs 15000 for this procedure.

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