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Routine Eye Examination

Routine Eye Examination

We are all used to getting a routine body check up or body profile done after the age of 40 years. If we don’t go and get it, we have at least thought about it and know people who are getting it done. These examinations are important for detecting silent problems like diabetes or blood pressure. Though both these diseases are very easy to treat with simple oral medications, delayed diagnosis lead to serious health problems.

There are similar ailments of the eye which are detected by routine eye examinations and can be treated easily if caught early on. Some of the more important ones are Glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy in adults. A routine eye examination helps to correct the power of ones glasses. Prescription of the wrong power for your spectacles could be giving you eye strain and headaches. Computer users frequently have something known as Computer Vision Syndrome, which is detected during our routine and thorough checkup and treated by our team.

In children, a routine eye examination helps detect problems early, before the child complains or has trouble. Children do not fully comprehend what normal vision is and thus may not really complain until its too late.

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