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Sac Syringing

What is Sac syringing?

Sac syringing is a procedure done to check if the tube connecting the eye and the nose is blocked or open. This tube is present in all of us and is responsible to drain the tears from our eyes.  This tube starts from the eyelids, more presicsely the end of the eyelids which are towards the nose.  It is known as the Nasolacrimal Duct.

Why is sac syringing done?

When patient complains of excessive watering of the eyes, the doctor opts for sac syringing.

  • To check the tear drainage system (nasolacrimal duct) for any blockage also the site and nature of blockage.
  • To flush out debris from the tear drainage system. For example blockage due to any infection.
  • Sometimes it is done before cataract surgery to rule out dacryocystitis ( infection of nasolacrimal system)
  • To instill antibiotics in tear drainage system.

What happens if the sac syringing fails ?

If the sac syringing fails it means that the tube is blocked.  If this tube remains blocked there would be constant watering and sometimes discharge from the eyes.  We need to open the block or bypass the block.

What are the procedures that can be done to remove the block ?

There are a few procedures that can be performed to remove the block.  The most commonly done is what is known as DCR, Dacrocystorhinostomy.  In this procedure the block is bypassed by creating a new connection between the tube in the eye and the nose.  

Frequently Asked Questions

We do instill some numbing drops and no the procedure is not painful.  It can however feel a little wierd with water comes into your throat.

This is done as a part of a routine eye examination when needed and there is no additional cost to this procedure.

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